EPISODES “Episode 7” (Season Finale) Advance Review

EPISODES "Episode 7"

Episodes “Episode 7” Season 1 Episode 7 – I can’t believe the season finale of Episodes is here already, but it is, and I was lucky enough to watch it early. The ‘Pucks’ pilot wraps and it’s time for the network to make its decision while Beverly must come to terms with the fact she slept with Matt.

Well, when Beverly makes a mistake, she certainly makes it count. I’ll admit it: I hate that she slept with Matt, and not because I consider it immoral (I don’t care about that) or because I don’t think she and Matt had chemistry (they do), but because I don’t just like Sean and Beverly as individuals, I like them as a couple. The cheating irrevocably changes that couple as well as the Sean-Matt friendship that was such fun. I’m also afraid this paints the show into a corner, but I’m very much hoping I’m wrong because I will absolutely watch a second season should Showtime renew Episodes. They’ve got me hooked now, darn it.

To be clear, I’m far from gloom and doom about the finale. A sharply funny network meeting and Sean’s stubborn hope that ‘Pucks’ really isn’t that bad keep me giggling and there’s a Sean-Matt scene that is hilarious as it devolves into absurdity. Because the end is swamped with emotion, I’m also happy to say that Matt makes sure we leave laughing.

I may not like every plot development in Episodes, but I do love the entire cast. I’m a new fan of Tamsin Grieg, Stephen Mangan, and Kathleen Rose Perkins, but as a Friends viewer, I already knew Matt LeBlanc was talented. As it turns out, I didn’t know how talented. While playing this twisted version of himself, he has run the gamut from deviously manipulative to endearingly vulnerable while always remaining charming and, more importantly, funny.

A taste of the episode:

“I have to say I have a vague sense I’m a terrible, terrible person.”

“The self cock-block? Not my kind of move.”

“Did you know your front door was ajar?”

“This is the Hindenburg of development slates.”

“I’m not going to fire you, but I do think less of you.”

“I don’t care. We’re going home: home to proper tea and gentle irony. To a place where no one says ‘Oh my God, I love your accent.'”

I’ve enjoyed most of my time with Episodes and I hope you have, too. I liked the ride best the first five installments because these last two have a more bitter than sharp flavor and there’s more melodrama than I like with my comedy, but I hope we get a chance to see where these characters go next and what other parts of Hollywood get skewered.

After you’ve had the chance to watch the Episodes season finale tonight on Showtime at 9:30pm eastern/8:30pm central, I hope you’ll post what you thought. Now that it’s over, how do you feel about the season as a whole? What would you want to happen to Matt and the gang next?

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  • I love the show, but most of all I loved Matt and Sean’s budding relationship and Bevs resentment of it. But now that Matt has slept with Sean’s wife, I think it will be difficult for the boys to recapture their friendship. Perhaps, Sean will find revenge by sleeping with Mourning, but that doesn’t seem to be in his character. I just don’t know where the writers are going with this ending. But I’ll be back to find out!

    • Michelle StJames

      Matt and Sean’s growing friendship really was fun, and I agree that it will be–at best–tough for them to get back.

      I’m very curious to see how the writers will tackle a second season if they’re given the chance.

  • Livvy Gedman

    On iplayer, it says (7/7) which always means it’s the last in the series. Thing is, THAT’S IT. There isn’t going to be a second series, the STUPID bloody Beeb are literally leaving it like that. A one-shot, a pilot series, call it what you will, it was only meant to last 7 episodes. So really, if past experience with our telly is anything to go by, don’t get your hopes up.

    Oh, and by the way, that home comment is SO true. Every single British person that ever goes on holiday, absolutely all of them want it to be raining when they go home. (Yes, myself included ;-D )

    • Michelle StJames

      First off, I love that the wanting it to be raining comment is true. 🙂

      As to this being a one-off series–I know that’s a distinct possibility, but I’m hoping Showtime asks for a second season and throws enough money at everyone for them to agree. I really don’t want to leave it like this.

      • Livvy Gedman

        Me neither. But then, when David ‘Everything That Is Wrong With Britain’ Cameron is your PM, you learn to expect the worst. *sigh* For what it’s worth, I know I know PA Andrew from SOMEWHERE… I like how the very first scene (not counting the prolouge) showed how happy everyone was, so in a sense, it’s come full circle. Also, I live in Yorkshire, so that loganberry story was AWESOME!

        • Michelle StJames

          I’m so excited the news came out that we are getting a second series and I love the quote from one of the executive producers that he knows they’ve put the characters into quite a mess and he can’t wait to see how they get out of it. Neither can we. 🙂

          I know PA Andrew (Oliver Kieran Jones is the actor) from a bad movie called 80 Minutes. Other than that, he’s guest starred in a few shows. I think I remember him from Foyle’s War.

          • Livvy Gedman

            Really? Where’d it say that? As for PA Andrew, I think I might of seen him on HIGNFY. One of the panel shows, anyway.

  • Livvy Gedman

    I refuse to suffer the Rapture until the next series of Episodes ends 🙂 BTW, does anyone know when it starts?

    • Michelle StJames

      Ha!  Obviously God wants to see the next season, also.  The show is
      supposed to come back in early 2012.  I would guess the same January
      slot it had this year.