BIG LOVE “D.I.V.O.R.C.E” Review


BIG LOVE “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” Season 5 Episode 6 – This episode of BIG LOVE began and ended on a sweet note, however everything in between was dismal and detached. We see Bill and Barb enjoying perhaps their last moment as legal man and wife and then it ends with a pact made by Lois and Frank to stay together until she is too far gone because they are all they have.

Bill is right in that the paper divorce is starting to feel like a real divorce. Not only is it taking a toll on the Henrickson family, but it is starting to take its toll on me. It seems that Barb agreed to it as a somewhat easy out to forge her own path in her new religion or as a priestholder somewhere else. I am not sure she will ever really leave Bill techinically, but she has left him spiritually and isn’t that about the same thing in their religion? Then we have Nicki plunging ahead to what she believes is her rightful place. Even though she argued for this divorce/marriage as protection for Cara Lynn, it really is about gaining the place she believes she should rightfully have. Why else would she be upset that Barb gets to continue to keep the books and that she is not going to receive a larger chunk of marital property should Bill die? She may have changed, but I would never trust three families’ finances to someone who got themselves singlehandly into $50,000 worth of debt and then hid it from everyone for months on end.

It is interesting that during the time that Nicki is trying to wrangle her way into wife number one, in order to protect Cara Lynn, she fails to see that Cara Lynn is headed down a potentially dangerous path with a much older man. Just as I figured, Cara Lynn is crushing on her teacher. What is even worse though is that he feels the same way, even more so. It is probably going to come to light at some point and I would almost bet that Cara Lynn will pull out the “but you married an underage girl” card with Bill. Doesn’t that seem likely?

Lois got her wish to go live back at the compound. I never thought she wanted to go back because she loved Frank. I figured she wanted revenge. I was pleasantly surprised that Frank was able to tenderly care for Lois after his arrangment with Bill. I was also touched that Frank and Lois decided to stick it out together because they are all each other has. I don’t think that Frank will be able to keep his promise to put Lois out of her misery, especially if he is supposed to do so if she blanks out for only three days. She is already up to two days. Three days will happen in no time. As sad as the whole story is, I could not help but be touched by their relationship.

What is going on with Ben and Rhonda? Talk about creating problems in the family. I could instantly see the click that seemed to happen when she kissed him on the cheek. Then come to find out she is stripping? Nice. Even better that Ben goes there to ogle her and make out with her. Bad things will come out of that pairing. I would bet Verlan will have something to do with it since he has lowered himself to basically pimping himself out to Alby for money to make Rhonda happy. I figured it would eventually lead to that route.

What did you think of this episode of Big Love? What do you think will happen with this “paper”divorce? Is anyone else getting sick of Bill? In all of his attempts to be anti-compound and anti-prophet, it seems he is creating his own compound where he is the prophet. When you add in the senate seat, the man is downright scary. Does anyone else feel that way? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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