AMERICAN DAD “You Debt Your Life” Review

AMERICAN DAD You Debt Your Life

AMERICAN DAD “You Debt Your Life” Season 7 Episode 12 – Tonight’s episode of American Dad had Roger at his best when pitted against Andy Dick for Stan’s affections. After Stan repays a life debt to Roger, the two get into a little fight and Roger defiantly suggests that he should move out of the Smith household. Much to Roger’s annoyance, Stan agrees.

Roger goes out looking for a new place to live, and of course immediately offends his friend’s mother getting him kicked out. Francine picks him up curbside of his friend’s apartment and already knows what Roger and Stan have yet to realize: that Stan actually enjoys Roger and that The Smiths are the only people that would ever tolerate Roger the way that he is.

Roger is hilarious describing his difficult life on the streets, where he’s had to watch two people fight over a sandwich. The sandwich, of course, is the one that he’s currently eating which he promptly throws at a woman and her children in the crosswalk. At this point, you’re wondering who in the world could ever replace Roger at his most obnoxious anyway? Clearly, the only other “fay-pansexual-alcoholic-non-human” around, Andy Dick.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Andy Dick being the butt of so many jokes even when he often deserves it. I’d say being considered the comedy equivalent of Roger is quite the compliment, however, being the real life equivalent of Roger is definitely just sad. As a character in American Dad, Andy Dick is the perfect foil for Roger’s jealousy since they are so alike and Stan immediately treats Andy Dick the same way he used to treat Roger.

Meanwhile, Steve takes over the school announcer job at his high school after ousting the previous announcer to get his club meeting announced. Like his predecessor, Steve is overcome by the power of the microphone so his friends use the same trick on Steve to have him removed from the position. It’s funny every time they go on a tirade with the microphone on, but the best had to be when Barry finally got the position. After he took a sip of that water, I was expecting Barry to have a beautiful golden voice, but it was so much better to just have him skip the announcements and scream into the PA system the way he did. I kind of wanted to see what Toshi would do on the mic, but Barry’s rage was enough to compensate.

At this point, Roger has decided that the only way for him to get back into the house with Stan is to have Stan owe him another life debt – so he shoves him into the polar bear enclosure. After not one, but two amazing slap fights between Roger and Andy Dick, Stan is on his last leg, which is promptly eaten by the polar bear. Now with no legs, Roger takes Stan back to Area 51 to get him some alien salve to grow his legs back. This was without a doubt my favorite part of tonight’s episode. First, Roger pulling a Weekend At Bernie’s with Stan trying to get him past security was just great. Second, I’m pretty sure I could watch a full half hour of Roger and Stan – aka. Baby Legs O’Hurlahan – running in circles and I would be completely entertained. Something about their animated running with tiny legs and Roger’s dainty hands just set me laughing. With Roger and Stan reconciled they ditch Andy Dick in the middle of a farm like an unwanted pet and Andy Dick is none the wiser thanks to a local pharmacy he promptly robs.

Throughout “You Debt Your Life”, Roger’s shenanigans, while always hilarious, were definitely at their best. Steve’s subplot was simple but still funny and between Stan, Roger and Andy Dick, the physical gags were totally ridiculous so it all came together to pull off a really strong and well balanced episode of American Dad.