SMALLVILLE “Masquerade” Review

SMALLVILLE "Masquerade" CW

SMALLVILLE “Masquerade” Season 10 Episode 14 – The countdown is on for the end of Smallville, but unlike most shows when their number is up, Superman’s origin story is not squandering its final episodes. Even now we’re still learning things about these people-including and especially Chloe and Clark who we’ve known for most of this millennium.

Chloe and Oliver’s night out started as an unexpectedly better version of Date Night, and quickly got Biblical as their mistaken identity got Chloe kidnapped. The banter between Chloe and Oliver was very well written, toeing to overly cutesy line but never really going there. Even their awesome fight scene which ended with a kiss after they turned to clobber each other’s brains out was so cool that the cute factor was excusable.

Chloe’s torment of being unable to properly identify who she was was wrenching and believable. That’s been the bane of her existence: she’s the woman behind the power, but without her the power would not be half as strong. In many ways she’s stronger than the power. She knows what is right, what she believes in, and she’ll fight for it. But she is not Green Arrow, she is not the Blur. That’s one of the most compelling things about her character: she is a superhero without the super.

Last week we ended on one of the most fantastic scenes in Smallville history (and it’ll probably make a list of my favourite WTF scenes in television) with Tess and Alexander. This week Tess was absent and there was no mention of Alexander. Clark embraced his identity as the Blur, and began to eliminate traces of the true Clark Kent with a pair of glasses. There’s the obvious question of won’t people just realize he made a visit to an optometrist, but who cares? That’s one step closer to Superman (Lois even called him super).

There were a lot of things I liked about this episode, though I wasn’t crazy about the climax: I thought that from Deesod’s capture of Chloe to Clark being pinned to a stain glass window to Oliver’s punch out were all fine but not unlike anything we’ve seen on the show. What I really liked about this episode was the humor, especially microvision and Clark’s slight sulk “It’s my power, I can call it whatever I want”, to the Oliver and Chloe banter were all touches of cheesy fun which makes Smallville so fun and enjoyable.

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