HUSTLE (BBC UK) “Episode 6” Review

HUSTLE Series 7

HUSTLE Series 7 Episode 6 – Too often watching British TV shows leaves me feeling slightly embarrassed. There are some powerfully written one-off productions that feature performances from our finest actors but the regular TV shows are poor imitations of American ones. Holby City is a poor man’s ER and always will be but with HUSTLE we have something different. Yes the direction “borrows” so heavily from Ocean’s Eleven Steven Soderbergh could sue for copyright but it is pure quality.

The love of Albert’s life returns this week with the daughter he never knew and the series is elevated above the flashy fun we normal chuckle along to, it had depth and emotion. Yes the grifters had to retrieve a tin of diamonds buried under a Police station for a mate who recently escaped from prison by posting himself in a crate while being chased by the Mob…(phew) but it was Albert’s story that made this episode my favourite yet.

We saw what he sacrificed for a life of excitement, card games, casinos and bespoke suits. He lost the chance of love, security and a family. The life he lives and loves is all about chance and his old flame could not build a life that could be lost at the turn of a card.

What was so good about the story was that it was believable and well played. It added an element to the programme that you had never considered before and the huge leap of faith you are asked to take each week as a fan of Hustle was rewarded here with a rare shot of realism.

The success of the Hustle each week depends on them being a crew honouring the grifters code. The scene where Albert returns alone to the casino after missing his daughter leaving for the airport was brilliant. The music playing in the background was perfect as the gang join him one-by-one at the poker table. This week the programme excelled, the crew became a family and I am officially hooked.

What did you think of this week’s Hustle? Did you enjoy the Albert storyline or find it too sentimental? Let me know in the comment box below!