BLUE BLOODS “Dedication” Review

BLUE BLOODS (CBS) Dedication

BLUE BLOODS “Dedication” Season 1 Episode 15 – When Frank is shot, everyone in the family wants to do something to help, none so much as Danny and Jamie. But it’s Danny who basically acts for all of them as he’s the only one with enough rank to be put on the job.

When the driver of the vehicle tried to confess, I thought we were seeing a kinder gentler Danny again. He was actually being nice to the guy, offering to help him out and wanting to protect him from every other cop in the city. But later I saw how wrong I was when Danny was left alone in a room with an old man suffering a painful disease and he started eyeing the morphine pump. So much for a kinder, gentler Danny; then again I’m not sure I want him any other way than he is.

In the end Jamie does get the chance to help with his father’s shooter and I did like that, out of all the cops in the room at the dedication, Danny calls his brother to warn him to be on the lookout for another gunman.

Once again I also found myself impressed by Frank in this episode. The amount of dignity in that man seems to know no bounds, as evidence by the fact that he not only didn’t let anything stand in the way of the dedication to his son but also went out of his way to offer peace to his enemy.

My favorite bits…

Actually finding the priest’s joke not only clean, but also quite cute..and maybe just a little funny.

Frank asking the waiter if he’d run over the steak he’d just eaten on the way to work.

Finding out that Frank was already trying to talk his way out of the hospital. Yep, that’s a sign he was okay.

Understanding at some level why the interim commissioner didn’t want Danny on the case, his dad being shot and all, but I still thought he was pretty cold about telling him to stay away.

Henry bringing a gun to the hospital because “someone shot my son and I don’t know who or where he is.”

The entire family holding vigil together all night in the waiting room, even after the doc said they could leave.

Renzulli asking Jamie if he really wanted a rookie beat cop on his dad’s case, but also pointing out that though he outranked him, where they were got him excited every day. Sometimes I just want to hug Renzulli.

Frank taking a look at all the gifts and asking if all the restaurants in town were trying to kill him, too. Ha!

Frank telling Baker that it wasn’t the detail’s fault.

Finally understanding the interim commissioner’s problem with Danny, though I gotta say I thought it was cool that Frank made his opponent his second in command, because he was the best for the job.

Really, really hoping that it was Danny who got to Diego first, but not at all surprised that he wasn’t.

Renzulli’s wacky singing.

Frank warning Danny to be careful if Rory’s was anything like his dad and Danny coming right back with the fact that the guy should watch out for him, if he was anything like *his* dad.

Actually thinking for a second that Danny had gotten shot in the shootout, but then realizing he was just being hit by the emotion of it all.

Nicky catching Henry in the lie about the baby.

Danny calling his brother and putting him on the job to look out for the other brother.

Frank continuing his speech when he saw his sons catching his shooter. I love that he didn’t stop and ruin the day that was supposed to be all about his first son.

Frank taking the time to go and apologize to the old man and then offering him the sanctity of confession.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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