BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Viktor: The Spoils” Review

 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Viktor: The Spoils” Season 2, Episode 3 – In a dark and rainy country called Zarkovia, it’s revealed that the ruling monarchy has possession of the frozen body of an alien criminal and plans to use him as a weapon for destruction. The country is in civil war and the monarchy’s desperation to stay in power has led them to attempt to resurrect Ben Tennyson’s old foe, Dr. Viktor.

Immediately, I’m not a fan of the cliched setting of this episode. The dark skies and lightning, the ominous stone castle with a dark creepy laboratory, the hunchback assistant, the dungeon, and the antagonists with bad Eastern European accents are all so completely formulaic. I kept seeing The Venture Bros in the design of the Zarcovian soldiers and thinking of Ünderland as they explored the castle, but of course, The Venture Bros uses the setting successfully for parody. I was hoping that Ben, Gwen and Kevin would see some of the ridiculousness of flying into such a stereotypical situation and maybe deliver some solid humorous lines about it, but it seems as if maybe the three of them had never heard of Dr. Victor Frankenstein or seen any old movie set in a Transylvanian laboratory.

Thank goodness for Kevin, his talk of the teleporter pod throughout the episode made me laugh. I can totally relate to his disappointment early in the episode about missing out on a great deal on a teleporter pod and I liked his banter with Gwen about how her magic makes her tired and irritable. A teleportation device would be high on my wishlist even if I knew someone could magically transport me. I love that he doesn’t forget about it later in the episode and brings it up in moments when it would have been useful to sneak out of the castle with Dr. Viktor in the middle of a battle.

I really enjoyed the final battle with Ben as Heatblast against the Dr. Viktor/King Xarion hybrid. Like Ben, I’m not that impressed with the new King Victor as a major villain, so even if he did swear his vengeance, I hope we don’t see him again for a while.

Ben is so much more enjoyable in this episode than he has been recently and I like that he had virtually no jerk moments. He seems to be interacting with Gwen and Kevin better and I liked the alien transformations we got to see this time. I could do with out ever hearing of the monarchy in Zarchovia again, but because Gwen, Kevin and especially Ben were all in top form here, I still enjoyed this episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.