THE MENTALIST “Red Gold” Review


THE MENTALIST “Red Gold” Season 3 Episode 15 – Jane’s got a new partner in this episode. Lisbon takes a fall and sprains her ankle, which leaves Hightower to take her place. The change-about mixes up the dynamics a little bit, something I’m always a big fan of as I like to see how characters respond to new situations.

Working with Hightower gave Jane a chance to let her talk a little about her impending divorce. The switch also gave Lisbon a chance to play mommy for a little while when Hightower’s children are dropped off at the precinct. In both cases we got to see the women do things they wouldn’t normally, though I found it interesting to note that Jane was precisely the same as always. I’m still new to the show but it occurred to me that he’s always just himself and whatever that brings out in people is what it brings out. I’m curious to see if that ever changes, if there’s ever something that will make him not be, you know, him.

My favorite bits…

Jane suggesting that maybe their victim died of happiness because it was so beautiful out there. Well, I guess that’d probably be one of the better ways to die.

The Sherriff drolly telling to his deputies that maybe they should do something productive, like find a murder weapon.

Kinda wondering why Jane would holler “Gold!” if he knew that it would send everyone into a frenzy and mess up a crime scene. Hmm.

Lisbon claiming she was perfectly fine and then promptly falling straight to the floor. Ouch.

Jane remarking that he didn’t know Hightower had legs. LOL.

Cracking up at this bit: Sharon: “No, Rick didn’t believe in guns.” Jane: “He didn’t think guns existed?”

Jane comparing his probing of a suspect to getting frisked at the airport. Ha!

Wondering what was up Jane’s sleeve when he offered to by a stake of land.

Hightower’s very stimulating conversation with one of the locals.

Jane accusing Hightower of holding her temper and her accusing him right back of testing it. Ooh, she so got him there.

Jane and Hightower catching Wes salting the land. Oops.

Jane asking if he could hold one of the woman’s nuggets. LOL.

Watching Hightower’s entire demeanor change the moment she spoke to her daughter.

Jane clearing up the mystery (at least for me) as to why the appearance of her children at work had upset Hightower so much. Man, he’s good. Poor Hightower though, and poor kids too, to be put in the middle like that.

The look on Rigsby’s face when Lisbon suggested that he’d be telling the kids a story. As long as it doesn’t begin with finding a body, I think he should do okay.

Hightower not backing down, even when Jane was being used as a human shield. Well, at least she found a way to vent her anger. Although I don’t think Jane appreciated it so much when it meant he was in the middle of a gunfight.

The hug Hightower gave Lisbon as a thank-you for taking care of her children.

Jane asking Lisbon if she was jealous over him having a connection with someone else, and getting wacked with a crutch. Seems like that was a pretty good answer to me.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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