THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Hunter” Review

The Defenders

THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Hunter” Season 1 Episode 15 – Well after the two of them did anything but get along in last week’s episode, Judge Hunter calls Nick and asks him to be his lawyer when he’s caught with a hooker and a whole lotta drugs.

Nick is flattered that Judge Hunter hires him to defend his case at first, but he soon realizes that he’s in for a lot more than he anticipated. Not just because the case gets more and more complicated, but also because Judge Hunter keeps trying to take over and run the show himself. At one point he even tries to run his own trial while in another judge’s courtroom.

Can I just say how much I love Dan Akroyd? He was simply fantastic. I mean he played a character that did everything in his power to drive Nick and everyone out of their minds but I still loved him. In fact the more annoying he was, the more I loved him. And when the truth came out about his relationship with the woman, I couldn’t help but to adore him. It turns out under all that there was a guy with a broken heart just trying to find friendship.

My favorite bits…

Judge Hunter asking for and then complaining when Nick didn’t get him the Dew.

Groaning at the Willie Nelson joke.

Judge Hunter talking about how many calories sex uses in an hour and how doubling the “gyrations” would double the numbers. Oh dear, the images that put in my head…

The girls’ discussion who was bossier, Judge Hunter or Nick. My money’s totally on the Judge.

Judge Hunter accusing Nick of crying in his courtroom.

The fact that Judge Hunter insisted on calling Pete “Steve,” no matter how many times he tried to correct him.

The “we are so screwed” face that Nick had when he saw the hidden camera footage that the DA had of the judge.

Nick making ridiculous hand gestures at the press conference until the DA was forced to call on him.

Judge Hunter insisting on wearing his robes to his arraignment. Yeah, that’s not weird at all.

Steve…erm, I mean Pete saying that humanizing Judge Hunter was like humanizing a weedwacker.

Nick questioning Lucy and discovering how she really felt about Judge Hunter.

Judge Hunter objecting to his own lawyer.

Judge Hunter pointing out that Lucy wasn’t a stripper, she was someone’s daughter, a mother and a fine young woman. Just like the jury, I was suddenly looking at her in another light.

Nick pointing out to the jury that the police waited for twenty minutes to go in, even after they saw Lucy take all those pills. That was something that had me wondering, too.

Judge Hunter calling Nick schmaltzy and asking him when he was gonna grow a pair. LOL.

Nick staying true to his word and hauling off to punch Pete. Well, he did warn him.

What did you think of this episode of The Defenders? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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