SUPERNATURAL “Mannequin 3: Reckoning” Review

SUPERNATURAL Mannequin 3 Reckoning Season 6 Episode 14

SUPERNATURAL “Mannequin 3: Reckoning” Season 6 Episode 14 – First up let me say how happy I am to be able to review my favorite show again this week. I actually did get to see last week’s episode but I was unable to post a review because I was, ironically enough, attending a Supernatural convention (oh yes, I am *that* big of a geek). Missing the chance to review it for all you fine folks was tough but watching it with fellow fans was a treat that I did enjoy, especially since I then got to see the boys in person just two days later and they were delightful as always.

And now on to this week’s episode. Well, after leaving us all in a great big lurch all week (my buds and I pretty much screamed our heads off at the end of the ep last week), we find out that Sam did scratch a little to hard at his wall but the tear was only temporary. I’m sure I heard a collective sigh of relief from the fandom when he woke up.

After that the boys are off to handle a good old fashioned vengeful spirit. I know I have a crap memory but it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of those. I also like that it allowed Sam to run a case on his own for a little bit so that Dean could run home after getting a 911 call from Ben.

I have to confess that things have been so like the old days with the boys that had I nearly forgot about Ben and Lisa there for a little while. There was a lot unresolved between them and I was glad that Dean not only talked to Lisa, but to Ben as well. I still don’t feel like it’s resolved yet, but at least we found out why Dean has been staying away all this time.

My favorite bits…..

Giving a little squeak when Dean felt Sam’s neck for a pulse and started freaking out. Eep.

Giving another, more drawn out, squeak when the mannequin’s eyes started to move.

This bit (which also explains a lot about Dean, LOL)
Dean: “You shove it down with bits of violence and alcoholism.”
Sam: “Sounds healthy.”
Dean: “Works for me.”

Dean pulling out the mannequin’s heart and asking Sam to be his Valentine. ROTFLMAO!

Enjoying another rare appearance of the good ol’EMF meter.

Finding out that the victim was such a great guy that he even rubbed his girlfriend’s feet during Glee. Anyone else find that thought oddly disturbing?

Dean asking Sam to “Riddle me this, Batboy.” – Ha!

Totally expecting the mannequin to jump on Dean any second while he was staring at it.

Dean finally answering his phone and finding out it was Ben calling.

Sam telling Dean that he had to deal with the last year, just as much as he did. Very good point.

Sam totally catching that Johnny wasn’t telling the truth about something.

Figuring out exactly why Ben called the moment I saw Lisa open the door and obviously dressed for a date.

Dean telling Lisa that they’d been “parent trapped.” Aw, so cute.

The really fast, half smile Dean flashed at Ben after they both ordered him to his room.

Lisa asking Dean what he wanted from them. I have to admit, that’s a question I would love to hear him answer because I have a hundred theories but I wanna hear it from him.

Sam telling Johnny that a ghost was trying to kill him for being a dick. LOL.

Totally being on the side of the ghost for once, when I found out the story.

Ben telling Dean that he watched TV so he knew what a third date meant. Smart kid.

Dean reassuring Ben that he did nothing wrong. Awwww.

Getting more than a little weepy when Ben told Dean that he was walking away from his family.

Absolutely loving the montage of Ben and Lisa, especially the fact that it also included clips from when Ben was just a little tyke.

Yes! We got some classic rock! Nazareth’s “Love Hurts” was a good choice for that scene, too.

Johnny going home to his plastic girlfriend. Wait. What??

Wondering how the hell Sam was gonna salt and burn a kidney that was still inside a living person.

Dean referring to it as a “haunted kidney.” LOL!

Dean ordering the spirit to leave his baby alone and then the look of sheer terror (mixed with more than a little hurt) as she chased him down.

Dean apologizing to his baby before jumping out of the way to let her crash into a wall.

Okay that was just sad, I didn’t expect the girl to die.

Dean working on the Impala again.

Sam thanking Dean for getting him his soul back.

A very nice brother-bonding moment to end out the episode.

The preview for next week’s episode. 😉

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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