SKINS (UK) “Liv” Review

SKINS (UK) Liv Series 5 Episode 4

SKINS “Liv” Series 5 Episode 4 – The intro to this week’s SKINS warned us the programme contains “depictions of violence, drug use and scenes of a sexual nature” – finally! I knew Liv wouldn’t let us down!

The episode sees Liv go on a trippy binge with the alternative Matty who she meets at a bus station having escaped the party being thrown at her house where the rest of the gang are attempting to smoke their own body weight in weed.

Matty is potentially one of the most interesting characters in Skins and I was pleased to see him introduced. The episode as a whole was intentionally random – they were off their head on hallucinogenic drugs the entire time. We didn’t learn too much about either character other than Matty is Nick’s brother and Liv drops her knickers quicker than you can say Sexually Transmitted Infection.

The part in the fancy dress shop was strange. A random sexual attack is not what you need when you’re tripping off your face in a bear outfit but Matty to the rescue as he bashes him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Franky gave the rest of the cast a little lesson in comedic timing, her stoned expression popping up from behind the sofa was hilarious.

It’ll be interesting to see where the dynamic of the friendship between the cast develops as it is obvious Mini is not in the mood to forgive Liv’s betrayal with Nick. Insisting her “mate” down a full bottle of vodka as an apology only to walk away in disgust suggests maybe not!

The montage at the end left me breathless. If the coming Skins episodes are going to cram all that into the coming episodes we’ll need the advert breaks to recover.

New relationships blossomed and old ones were broken in this whirlwind episode, it leaves me wondering where the next episode will go. The fact I’m beginning to care is an indication this is turning into a enjoyable series.

What did you think of Skins this week? Happy to see the hedonism return or hoping it doesn’t spiral into a binge-fest? Let me know in the comment box below!