PERFECT COUPLES “Perfect Crime” Review


PERFECT COUPLES “Perfect Crime” Epsiode 6 – This week on Perfect Couples, Dave feels like less of a man because Julia does not need him, while Vance is horrified that Amy promised Leigh that she could be their wedding planner. Meanwhile, Rex wants to start up a prank war, but no one is game.

When I read the description for this week’s episode, I thought for sure that the bulk of the show would center around the prank war, but it turned out to focus more on gender role reversal and Leigh’s terrible cooking. I actually liked both plots. As for the gender roles, I liked that they were divided even within the men. First, you had Rex who was ready to go kill a possum and then relive his younger lacrosse days by watching old videos. Next, you had Dave you wanted to protect Julia from the gangbangers (or high school students) in their yard, but Julia took care of it before he could even get his clothes on. Finally, you had Vance who was just as freaked out as Amy. Did they even tell us what was actually “attacking” them? I am not sure which scene was funnier, when Dave tried to be more of man by breaking the computer so he could fix it, not knowing the whole thing was being recorded by the web cam or the scene where the three guys try to dispose of the dead, but smiling, possum. I loved when Amy told Julia that she thought Dave was trying to be more like a man and Julia simply responded, “Oh, honey” in a pathetic voice. My other favorite scene had to be Dave spotting the dead grinning possum on the skylight in an almost Psycho moment.

It seems that Leigh’s coming out of retirement to plan Vance and Amy’s wedding was more her idea than anyone else’s. However, I can totally see Amy thinking that Leigh could class their wedding up. After all, Amy is only an “expert of all things hick” as Vance so eloquently put it and I am sure she wants her wedding to be the opposite of that. Now, I know that Vance got on board once Leigh described part of her wedding plans to him, but I still am not sure I would go with someone who just poisoned my friends and family with her shrimp rolls, no matter how good her ideas sound. Heck, Julia was even better than Dave at being food poisoned. She was up and out running and mumbling about beating the poison and probably all before 8:00 a.m.

The only thing I wished this episode had more of was that Mad Men party. I loved all of the costumes and scenery, but we only got to see a few minutes of it. What did you think of this week’s epsiode of Perfect Couples? Which storyline did you like best? Of the three men, which is your favorite? Right now I love Vance. When he made Rex and Leigh eat the shrimp rolls that made them sick and then later had Rex loan him a luxury car to drive Leigh around in while she was sick just to prove a point, I was smitten. It also doesn’t hurt that I think he is one of the funnier actors on the show. Tell us what you thought about tonight’s episode and your favorite character in the comment section below.

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