PARKS AND RECREATION Media Blitz Season 3 Episode 5

PARKS AND RECREATION “Media Blitz” Season 3 Episode 5 – On PARKS AND RECREATION this week, it’s only two weeks until the Harvest Festival and Leslie, Tom and Ben are on media patrol. Between radio and TV stations the interviews end up being all about Ben and his stint as mayor when he was 18. And the thing is, Ben I is HORRIBLE when he talks to the press. Horrible and incredibly hilarious. He is so awkward, and becomes increasingly more irritated as the interviews continue.

Meanwhile, Andy is trying to keep April from leaving for Indianapolis to work for Chris. He decides to take on all of the things that April hates to do to prove how much he cares for her. April gives him a list a mile long, and Ron decides to jump in to help him win her back.

And it works!! I only had to wait five stupid episodes before April and Andy got back together, and I can’t wait to see the two of them with more screen time. The two of them together are my favorite characters on the show, and I LOVE watching how they play off of each other.

My favorite parts of Media Blitz:

  • Ron and Andy writing a thank you note to April’s grandmother:”What does she call her?” “Gama. No… Nana. Gizmo…. something like that.”
  • Andy after realizing the floor looked sad: “Sorry for stepping on you… floor.”
  • Ron to April: “Do you fish?” “No, fishing is gross.” “Let me give you some fishing advice. When you have a fish on a line you either reel him in, or cut him free. Especially if he has a big fish heart.”
  • Leslie to Tom: “I need to speak to you alone, about something totally unrelated to this…”
  • Another great episode of Parks and Recreation, and I’m ready to see the Harvest Festival go off without a hitch!

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