FRINGE “6B” Review

Fringe “6B” Season 3 Episode 14 – After last week’s explosive revelation from the alter-verse, we’re back in our universe to see where things are between Peter and Olivia. The previews for this week’s Fringe certainly had a paranormal feel to them, it’ll be interesting to see how the Fringe team handles things. If there’s any indication about how good this episode will be Joshua Jackson rates it a “High Habañero” if you wanted to rate Fringe episodes on a scale of chili peppers.

What happened in “6B”?

This week the Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of six party guests that fell to their death. This doesn’t sound very Fringe-y until Peter notes that the only way the people could have landed where they did was if they fell straight through the balcony they were standing on. It turns out that the tenants of the building where the deaths occurred, the Rosencratz building, think it’s haunted. Walter has an alternate explanation, that the building is the location of one of the soft spots between our universe and the alter-verse and it could soon lead to a rift or vortex between the universes.

Peter and Olivia are still having a hard time connecting after Olivia learned that Peter still thought about Bolivia. You can tell at the beginning of the episode that there’s still a lack of trust from Olivia to Peter, even after Walter tries to get them to reunite over blueberry pancakes. The two of them are tasked by Walter to setup sensing equipment around the building to get more data and discover a weird glow coming from the apartment of Mrs. Merchant, 6B. When they walk into the apartment they find the widow sitting on a chair looking at what appears to be a ghost – but is actually projection into the alter-verse of her dead husband.

At the lab, Walter starts looking into the files of the bus chemical attacks (from the first season of Fringe) because the attacks used a compound similar to the alter-verse’s Amber. With some modifications at the Massive Dynamic labs of the compound, Walter is able to recreate the Amber but the rest of the Fringe team is not sure that they should use it to seal the rift. Peter and Olivia suggest that Mrs. Merchant and the alter-verse husband are able to make the connection because both are grieving their partners deaths (similar to how Olivia needs to be scared or frightened to travel between universes). Their solution is to get Mrs. Merchat to let go, and hopefully prevent the vortex from appearing. Broyles and Walter grudgingly agree, but also deploy the Amber device as a backup.

Back in Apartment 6B, Peter and Olivia find Mrs. Merchant communicating with the alter-verse husband again, and now the building is shaking and rifts in the fabric of the universe are starting to appear. At first it appears that Mrs. Merchant will not let go, but Peter is able to convince her that this was not her husband, and she breaks the connection. As everything settles down, Walter and Broyles breathe a sigh of relief as they were about to trigger the Amber device.

At the end of the episode we see the different Fringe team members coming to terms with what almost happened. Walter is concerned that he can’t prevent the universes from unraveling and destroying us, while Nina assures him they will find a way. Olivia visits Peter at his house and tell him that she wants to experience the future he sees for both of them. We leave the two of them heading upstairs to get to know each other better.

Before the episode wraps up, we quickly travel to the Rosencratz building in the alter-verse and see Lincoln and Bolivia investigating the area outside of 6B for a rift. It appears that there were signs of a large rift occurring but there are no signs left. As Lincoln and Olivia leave, we see Mr. Merchant looking over family pictures, still grieving.

Based on this weeks episode, which universe will Peter pick?

Finally making a love connection with Olivia makes our universe the front runner, but Bolivia’s baby will still be the game changer.

What worked in this episode?

Overall the storyline for this episode just flowed really well. The theme of emotional rifts (Peter & Olivia, the two Merchants) was prevalent throughout the episode, and it felt very natural and not forced at all. I really enjoyed Joshua Jackson’s speech to the widow Merchant about having had what most of us want, a lifelong partner like she had with her husband. It was a nice piece of writing and Jackson did a great job with the scene.

I also liked how the episode tied back to the first season of Fringe. It was cool flashback for those of us who have followed the show from the beginning. It was also insteresting to see a quick flash to the alter-verse to see the Bolivia and Lincoln investigating a similar case than in our universe, I wonder if that’s happened with other Fringe cases?

One more thing, most of the comments or reviews I read after last week’s episode seemed to be negative to the drama surrounding the Olivia’s baby storyline (one commenter called it “Days of Our Fringe”). I was kind of surprised because I thought that Fringe has handled the story in a much better manner than other shows who have done similar stories. The writers haven’t overplayed any aspect of the storyline and it seems to fit in well with the overall plot lines. There’s still a lot of episodes left in the season, though, so it could spiral out of control, but I bet it will work out in the end.

What do you think of Peter and Olivia hooking up? Will Walter be able to come up with a way to prevent future rifts? Let me know in the comments, I look forward to them.

Next Friday, February 25, Fringe takes a little trip back in time to Peter and Olivia’s past in a new episode titled “Subject 13”. Tune in at 9/8c on FOX.

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