EAGLEHEART “Master of Da’ Skies” Review

EAGLEHEART Master of Da' Skies

EAGLEHEART “Master of Da’ Skies” Episode 3 – Get it? Master of Da’ Skies? Because Marshall Chris Monsanto was a master of disguise? In the skies? The title is a big fat hint giving you a good idea of some of the cheesy puns that await you on this week’s episode of Eagleheart.

First of all, I loved the idea behind this episode. There exists an entire anarchistic subculture floating in the sky where no government or law enforcement has any influence. As a result, “sky crime” is on the rise and out of control. The drug dealers jumping on trampolines to make their trade was probably my favorite of the criminal elements they showcased here. Those guys found themselves a pretty clever loophole, and besides, how menacing can anyone look on a mini trampoline?

In any case, for as long as Monsanto’s feet stay on the floor, he’s unable to do anything about all the rampant crime, so in the name of justice, he dons a jet pack and starts picking off the scum of the sky one by one. Jet packs are awesome. Marshall Chris Monsanto soaring with a jet pack and shooting a hot pink helicopter brothel out of the sky in a flaming ball of fury? That’s awesome to the tenth power.

After Suzie and Brett are captured by the Baron, an interesting older man with a curled mustache and classic flight suit, Monsanto takes his jetpack straight to the source of sky crime. He easily gets on to Skytopia, a leather victorian looking steampunk zeppelin and blends in pretty quickly by just thinking and acting like all the other crazies up there. Probably my favorite gag of the night was Monsanto taking one of the Skytopian’s clothes and being caught by a passing thug who aggressively asks him what he’s doing – as if he would actually intervene. Monsanto tells him he’s going to use the corpse for sex to which the thug replies “Oh, nice. Good sky crime.” and walks away.

Monsanto doesn’t have too much of a struggle escaping from Skytopia and basically just parachutes his partners off the blimp, but not before shoving the Baron out an open door and making out with Suzie. After blowing up Skytopia and landing on the ground, the episode ends with Monsanto giving a smile and a thumbs up to “Skycrime.” Once again, they managed to squeeze in as many hilariously random and exaggerated stereotypical scenes into less than fifteen minutes of adventurous absurdity. I don’t think I laughed out loud as much watching this episode as I had in the previous episodes of Eagleheart, but I think I actually enjoyed this plot line the best. After seeing Marshall Chris Monsanto kicking butt in the skies, I’m sure there really is no place that Monsanto won’t go to bring that very unique Eagleheart justice.