CSI: NY “Vigilante” Review

CSI: NY "Vigilante"

CSI: NY “Vigilante” Review Season 7, Episode 15 – CSI: NY tries its hand this week at portraying a “Dexter-like” killer in “Vigilante”. I think the idea of a vigilante killer is an interesting one, since it brings up so many interesting questions about whether or not murder is acceptable as long as it’s preventing somebody from committing other horrible crimes. It’s a question asked a lot on Dexter, although I wish these questions were addressed more on this episode. All we get is one short scene between Hawkes and Lindsay.

Real quick before we keep talking about this episode, I have a pet peeve I want to discuss. When somebody in the lab finds a piece of evidence or concludes a test, they tell the detectives what they found, right? Well, why do we have to see them concluding that test? I know it’s a little thing, but when Hawkes finds out that the hair found on the victim is from a woman, he tells Mac and Jo about it. But then after saying that, we have to actually see him conducting the test and coming to that result. Can’t we just take his word for it and save ourselves the time? This happened at least two to three other times this episode alone. Annoying. Phew! Thanks for letting me get that out of my system! Now back to the episode…

One thing I have a hard time buying is Lindsay’s sensitivity. She took it so personal when she was accused of not caring about women who are raped. You’re a cop. Buck up and don’t let everything get to you! She went to her office and was in tears about it, but then the next scene we see her yanking Heather to the ground in the pole dancing studio. She also seems so timid in all of the interrogations.

I am impressed that after all of the various CSI episodes I’ve seen it can still surprise me! I definitely didn’t see the lawyer coming out of no where to be in on the crime. I liked that her being a lawyer actually gave her motive and an opportunity to see all of the times that rapists go unpunished. In reality she was the most obvious choice for the vigilante, but I didn’t see it as a possibility at all! Well played, CSI: NY!

Random Thoughts:

-Is anybody else distracted by Dr. Sid’s pull-apart glasses? I don’t even understand why they’re even necessary, really. Can’t you just lift them off your face?

-The last 5 years of 9-1-1 calls are recorded? That’s pretty freaky. I wonder how much of our lives has been recorded and is out there stored away on some server. Weird.

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