CALIFORNICATION “The Recused” Advance Review

CALIFORNICATION “The Recused” Season 4 Episode 7 – I got the chance to check out this week’s episode of Californication, “The Rescued” a little early and am here to dish the dirt. As you may remember from last week, Hank gets dumped by his lawyer, Abby (Carla Gugino) and Karen tries to convince her to change her mind. Stewart schedules Marcy for a house call and they hit it off. Rob Lowe returned as Eddie Nero and ended up pulling a gun at some guys in a tattoo parlor that Becca was it with her friends and Hank intervened by punching him in the face. After seeing Hank with his daughter, Eddie decides he’s interested in the movie again and Abby takes Hank back – but to her bed instead of the courtroom.

In “The Rescued”, Marcy, Stew, and Charlie pitch a new TV show inspired by Marcy’s real life experience. Mary and Stew continue to get closer and Charlie meets lucky number 21. Abby helps Hank find a new lawyer as things between them heat up. Hank continues to be jealous of Ben, the new man in Karen’s life.

For me, “The Rescued” was a little slower than other episodes this season, but still very good. I felt like it was a good middle of the season episode as we start to see some of the main characters in big life changes (don’t worry there are no spoilers in here): Becca in a band, Karen and Hank with different people, Marcy is preggers with Charlie’s baby but with Stew and Charlie is working on his “number”. At first I was upset to see all these changes taking place but now that we are half way in the season they are beginning to grow on me. What do you think?

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