30 ROCK “It’s Never Too Late For Now” Review

30 Rock "It's Never Too Late For Now" NBC

30 ROCK “It’s Never Too Late For Now” Season 5 Episode 15 – After her break up with Carol in last week’s brilliant installment, Liz has embraced spinsterhood. She has bought a cat, named it Emily Dickinson, bought a fanny pack, a chip clip and joined a book reading club reading Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express. When Jenna and the other staffers at TGS stage an intervention and set Liz up on a one night stand, she creates a showdown Poirot-style. Meanwhile Jack has to handle an overpriced babysitter and in Tracy’s absence and Pete and Frank join a band.

This season has featured very consistent funny writing, but unfortunately this episode was a dip, even with the 360 kiss featuring Liz Lemon and a male Swiss hooker recommended by Martha Stewart. Tracy Morgan’s absence due to surgery as Tracy Jordan did not cripple this episode. I’m afraid there were just a lot of unfunny lines and gags.

The return of Liz Lemon to spinsterhood was not an unnecessary and a step back story wise in the characterization of this lonely head writer, but after the hilarious cold opening, little was done with the plot. We’ve already seen Liz unhappily dragged to a bar by Jenna. We’ve already seen her cat lady attitude. The Murder On The Orient Express scene did not work for me.

Nor for that matter did Jack’s scenes with the babysitter and the orange, which I found flat. Frank and Pete’s scenes probably would have been funnier had they made up a funnier bad song, but as it was (sadly) the song they chose is something you probably would find on a pop star’s album.

My favourite like came from Jenna:

Liz: Why are you talking so fast?
Jenna: Because I’m upset. Also I’ve been taking these new Czechoslovakian organ slimming pills. They contain a little bit of meth, which is something my body needs anyway.

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