THE OFFICE “Threat Level Midnight” Review

The Office

THE OFFICE “Threat Level Midnight” Season 7 Episode 17 – It’s what we’ve been waiting for since the second season of THE OFFICE: the screening of Michael Scott’s film “Threat Level Midnight”. Starring… everyone in the office!

While this really didn’t do anything for the current story, it was a lot of fun!! In “Threat Level Midnight” Michael has put together quite the film…. and one that encompasses all genres. Like Pam said, Michael had screened the movie once before but everyone thought they were watching a comedy and cracked up. This (obviously) didn’t sit well with Michael, and he ended up cutting the screening short.

Well, this week we were lucky to see the entire… action, romance, thriller, comedy, sport, sci-fi film. Everyone in the office plays a part, and we also get to see some old familiar faces as they cameo in Michael’s film.

From the opening scene with pictures of Michael Scarn and Cathering Zeta-Scarn, to Jim with the painted gold face, there wasn’t an part of this episode that I didn’t laugh at. Again, it didn’t really do anything besides show us that Michael can in fact, not take himself seriously at times, but as a semi-throw back episode, it was great.

I’m happy that the writers decided to revisit the “Threat Level Midnight” story and they did it well.

My favorite parts:

  • The cameos by Jan, Karen, and Helene. I LOVED that Jan played a lounge singer draped over a piano.
  • Jim as “Goldface”. When he spun that chair around, I laughed right outloud. Especially when he said that he took the part to “impress the receptionist”.
  • Andy as the bartender. He was PERFECT. But then again, I <3 Andy.
  • Michael telling Holly that the movie wasn’t good. I found it REALLY sweet that he admitted to it and ended up laughing about it with everyone else.
  • Stanley narrating and dubbed over Michael’s voice.
  • Pam’s reaction when she saw her mom in in the film.
  • Can I say “Threat Level Midnight” in general? I loved the movie. I want to own it on DVD.
  • Taking this episode of what it was, and not expecting anything other than a good laugh from it, I say The Office hit it out of the park this week. What say you?

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