ROYAL PAINS “Fight or Flight” Review

Royal Pains"Fight or Flight"

ROYAL PAINS “Fight or Flight” Season 2 Episode 17 – Divya and Raj deal with some hiccups regarding their wedding, Hank convinces Marissa to tell Boris about her pregnancy, and Evan learns why Paige avoids spending the night with him in the “Fight or Flight” episode of ROYAL PAINS. Meanwhile, the patient of the week remembers Hank from a painful day in her past.

There’s a fair amount of drama crammed into the end of the episode, but first we have Jess, the patient of the week who’s drowning in adrenaline. Julianne Nicholson is terrific as Jess (someone give her a show please), and I like the initial twist that she and Hank met when both were crazed city-dwellers and her friend died in his care, but the parallels with Hank become a bit too heavy-handed for my taste. That said, the two do have a bit of a spark and I hope she comes back. Speaking of sparks, why is there no real follow-up on the Hank/Jill front?

Just when I think Evan and Paige can’t get any more adorable, they up the ante with one of the sweetest “I love you” scenes I can remember. I said “Thank God” along with Evan when she reciprocated. These two make me smile, plain and simple. I know the beautiful woman snores storyline has been done before, but I’m not sure the snoring has ever been described as a “band of gorillas trying to wind up a Model T” or a Ton Ton from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ before becoming a kitten purring. I also don’t think willful and lamentable (but aww-worthy) destruction of La Perla has been involved before. This story worked both as comic relief and as a study of a healthy, functioning relationship in contrast with Divya and Raj. Oh, but way to misuse medical equipment, Evan-CPAP machines are prescribed and professionally calibrated. Just for that, I’m stealing the wonderfully enormous coffee mug.

Thank goodness Divya inexplicably (and loudly) let slip the fact that she kissed a patient, so she can now deal with Raj (and the elephant in the room) at least semi-honestly. I’m just over this story at this point. Marry him; don’t marry him. Go find Adam and check his kidney or chuck it all and run off with Jill. I just want her to make a decision and stick with it. This is such an odd storyline because I don’t see any way Reshma Shetty is leaving, so it’s just a protracted tease and I think it’s making Divya look like a selfish idiot, which is not the Divya I know and love. Can we have her back now, please?

I’d have to say that an emotionless “I see” ranks fairly high up on the list of things you don’t want to hear when you tell the love of your life that you’re pregnant. I can only begin to imagine how upset and scared Boris is about the idea of his child potentially growing up both with the disease and without a father (“I promised myself this disease would die with me” is heartbreaking), but Marissa is pregnant and she’s having the baby. Sulking, running away to Manhattan, or kicking out the boys won’t somehow make the birth control retroactively work. That’s a very interesting turn of events, by the way. Eddie (where was he, by the way?) spies on Boris and he lets it slide, but Hank lectures him about the pregnancy and he and Evan are out? Yikes. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Way to stuff all the action into the last ten minutes, show. Much of the episode feels like filler with discussion after discussion, but then boom: major developments at the very end. Granted they are very interesting developments, but it’s still odd pacing, especially for a penultimate episode. We’ll have to see how much Royal Pains wraps up in the season finale next week, which-from the previews, at least-looks fairly Eddie-centric with a dash of Hank/Jill.

What did you think of the episode? How long do you think Hank and Evan will remain evicted?

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