OUTSOURCED “Guess Who’s Coming To Delhi” Review


OUTSOURCED “Guess Who’s Coming to Delhi” Season 1 Episode 15 – I love Charlie and I love Gupta. So all in all, this episode of OUTSOURCED was wonderful for me.

When Todd discovers that his boss Jerry is in India to check on his management of the call center, he tries to kick everyone into gear to impress the higher up. Little does he know that impressing Jerry won’t be that difficult – it looks likes Jerry is only there to drink, party, and hit on Madhuri, Asha, and Santosh. This sort of puts a damper on Todd’s plans. Tonya’s mother is in town, and they were all set to meet for dinner, but Jerry’s extra curricular activities stop him from meeting anyone anywhere.

On the flip side of this, Rajiv is in his element attempting to impress Jerry (he decked out his desk in red, white, and blue). It helps that he thinks he’ll be able to convince Jerry to get rid of Todd; and anything where Rajiv is kissing management butt is funny.

Meanwhile, Charlie is having problems of his own. He has to go through a meeting with human resources because of reports of him not being sensitive to the Indian culture (he pretty much demolished a statue of one of the Gods). He enlists the help of Gupta to teach him Indian culture. With flashcards. It was fantastic.

I never have anything bad to say about Outsourced and this week is no exception.

My favorite parts:

  • The look on Madhuri’s face at the bar when Jerry ordered the shots. The look of just utter fear was wonderful and hilariously funny.
  • Gupta and Charlie going through the flashcards of Indian culture. When Charlie was trying to think of Gandhi’s name and was convinced it was the guy in the restaurant.
  • Charlie’s: “That’s a cow in drag.” I laughed so hard I pretty much choked.
  • When Rajiv told off Jerry about not taking marriage seriously. I really, REALLY liked him in that moment, and you know it took a lot for him to say those things.
  • When Jerry promoted Rajiv. I loved that everyone in the call center looked genuinely happy for him.
  • Charlie teaching Gupta about American culture. The Texas flashcard was hilarious. “Mexico!” “Close enough. I would also have accepted California, Arizona, or New Mexico.”
  • Yet another funny episode from Outsourced! What say you?

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