OUTSOURCED “Guess Who’s Coming to Delhi” Episode 15

OUTSOURCED Guess Who's Coming to Delhi Episode 15

Check out a first look of the upcoming episode of OUTSOURCED Episode 15 titled “Guess Who’s Coming to Delhi” which airs on Thursday February 17 at 9:30pm on NBC. You can read all our coverage of Outsourced here.

Episode Synopsis: OUTSOURCED “Guess Who’s Coming to Delhi” Season 1 Episode 15 – TODD GETS A SURPRISE VISIT—When Todd’s (Ben Rappaport) U.S. boss Jerry (Matt Walsh) makes a surprise visit, Todd instructs his staff to be on their best behavior. However, Todd quickly discovers that Jerry has no interest in work and is ready to party instead. While trying to keep a drunk Jerry out of trouble, Todd ends up in hot water with Tonya (Pippa Black). Meanwhile, Charlie (Diedrich Bader) receives a reprimand from human resources for being culturally insensitive, so he turns to Gupta (Parvesh Cheena) for a crash course in Indian culture to try and save his job. Sacha Dhawan, Rizwan Manji, Anisha Nagarajan and Rebecca Hazlewood also star.

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