MR SUNSHINE “Employee Of The Month” Review

Mr Sunshine "Employee of the Month"

MR SUNSHINE “Employee of the Month” Season 1 Episode 2 – Aside from brilliant opening titles and the always brilliant Allison Janney, the pilot did not live up to the promise of its promos. Could things improve with the second episode? Thankfully, yes and unfortunately no.

The second episode started off as dire as the first, with cliché and poorly executed joke about Matthew Perry’s Ben’s tenth anniversary working at the Sunshine Center with him expecting to be rewarded. The first half of the episode was hard to swallow, lightened by a surprisingly likable and funny turn by a self deprecating Nick Jonas as spoiled teen pop star wannabe rock star Eli Cutler (really? That’s the name they picked for a teen star?)

Surprisingly, things picked up halfway through. The moment in my mind where I stopped lamenting the fact that Allison Janney probably won’t be cast as the lead in Aaron Sorkin’s new newsroom drama and started enjoying the show was right around the high five between Ben and Alice after he got a teenage girl’s phone number and she stole frizbees from blind children. Not that either gag was funny, but their high five was and showed at last some promise.

The show still does not seem to know what it wants to do with its characters, all of whom seem to be floating around looking for a storyline to nab onto. But I am cautiously optimistic. The writing has to get sharper, which will of course take time because it is only in its second episode. But in the vein of Nick Jonas, week to week guests may prove to be a funny gag and draw for this show. I just hope that a cast of this caliber and premise with this potential is not squandered by predictable writing.

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