CSI “Target of Obsessions” Review


CSI “Target of Obsessions” Season 11 Episode 15 – CSI returned this week to its tried-and-true formula of two ongoing story lines. “Target of Obsessions” actually picks up the recurring storylines of TWO previous CSI characters: Justin Bieber’s Jason McCann and Nate Haskell. It’s not often that procedurals like CSI even have recurring characters, since they usually just introduce and excuse characters on an episode by episode basis. While some people may not like characters recurring, since the whole point of procedurals is to be able to pick up the show at any time, I personally love more serialized fare so I’m excited to see this trend.

One of the story lines follows Lou, Catherine, Nick, and the bomb squad guy as they track down the criminal mastermind Justin Bieber! Does anybody else have a hard time buying Bieber as a “Jigsaw-like” master of booby-traps and bombs? While it was a fun scene in the abandoned warehouse, I thought it was disappointing that they actually show Bieber watching on his laptop. If there was any doubt as to whether or not he was guilty of these traps, that just destroys any suspense the audience might have as to who is responsible. While it does drum up a lot of hype to have Justin on the show, he really didn’t bring anything interesting to this role the first time he showed up on the premiere and that hasn’t changed since. Although I do applaud his willingness to portray such a cold-blooded killer, and also to let himself get shot a billion times!

The other story line we follow this week was that of Nate Haskell. I actually like this guy quite a bit, even though he can be over the top sometimes. Bill Irwin does play a great creepy guy, but yelling “Who’s really the victim?” during his testimony was a bit much, and all of his nervous twitches and the way he speaks can get a bit tiring. While his escape did seem pretty unrealistic (How can it be that easy to just switch places with somebody?), I’m excited that he’s still out there and that he’ll definitely be back on the show pretty soon.

I for one completely welcome more recurring story lines and characters on CSI. I think that having characters come back is a great way to reward the viewers that watch the show regularly, and it carries more weight when their story is finally resolved.

Random Thoughts:

-I’m excited for the inevitable Youtube clip of Justin Bieber getting shot to go viral.

-Why was Nate’s signal to his fiancee even necessary? Couldn’t he have just told her beforehand “If I win, great. If I lose, switch the wristbands with a look-a-like.”?

-What’s the matter CSI? Can’t afford a real helicopter to cut off Justin Bieber’s getaway van? That was the fakest looking thing I’ve seen on CSI in a while.

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