CRIMINAL MINDS “Today I Do, Tomorrow I Will” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Today I Do, Tomorrow I Will"

CRIMINAL MINDS “Today I Do, Tomorrow I Will” Season 6 Episode 16 – A woman kidnaps other helpless young women who seem to find themselves in a rut. She binds them, breaks them and dumps them in water. At least it’s better than the alternative movie night: “Just you, me and Julia Roberts.” Dear Christ no!

It was one of the better episodes of Criminal Minds is as far as cases are concerned. They made use of a female unsub who wasn’t partnered, just bat raving insane. Her self help guru advice totally sold the whole kneecap bashing thing she had going on: who doesn’t believes that under the smiles of every sincere motivation speaker is a demon with handcuffs, adult diapers and a claw hammer?

Watching the team track down the killer made me realize that Garcia does an awful lot of hacking and she provides them with such an awful amount of information that her role on the show appears to have become a lazy way to solve a case for the writers.

Rachel Nichols’ Agent Seaver has been officially upgraded to regular. I just wish her expertise in this special unit ranged wider than the daddy serial killer thing, though Nichols is better than given credit. She managed to add a nice layer of nuance to the scene where she described a teenage girl’s desire to cut herself. She was able to deliver it without being sappy, but still remind the audience of her past without drawing attention to it. These are the subtleties I wish the writers (and network) had used when first introducing and fleshing out her character, instead of the hysterical character breakdown we were attacked with.

Prentiss’ past is catching up with her faster than ever as one of her old team mates dies mysteriously and her nemesis lands in the United States.

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