BETTER WITH YOU “Better With a Leather Jacket” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better with a Leather Jacket"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With a Leather Jacket” Episode 15 – On this week’s episode of Better With You, the Putneys try to convince Casey of the unluckiness of a particular leather jacket to ridiculous ends and we learn that Maddie and Ben have spent every week for the past four years playing trivia in a bar and losing.

The fact that there was one leather jacket that cause the entire Putney family bad luck, yet they still kept it around seemed just about right for that family. I loved how they showed the different stories of bad luck and loved it even more that they never told Vicki’s story. As soon as she said it involved something about two dead horses, I wondered how they were going to pull it off in a short flashback. It was also pretty funny that they gave the jacket to Ben knowing how much bad luck it had. I wonder if Vicki and Joel will ever truly accept Ben? My favorite leather jacket story was definitley Joel’s. Everything he said and did in his scenario just made it worse.

Of course, Casey does not believe in this nonsense when, although if you think about it, it would seem to be right up his alley. This is the man who is consistently late and has a fantastical story to tell everytime, “I fell down a manhole and decided to explore.” Doesn’t it seem that he would be the one to believe in the jacket’s bad luck? I loved how the fear of the jacket made it take on an almost personification. Maddie even said “He doesn’t believe in luck. It is only going to make the jacket madder!” For Casey, however, the jacket was extremely good luck. He got the job as Maddie the Mascot while wearing it and then later got the job again after the Putneys interrupted his interview and smashed all of the trophies on the wall. That definitely qualifies as worst job interview ever. I am hoping that we get more guest spots with the woman that hired Casey. Her crazy voice and deadpan face were awesome. I loved when she said she went home thinking about what had happened and how only animals acted like that and then said “I was interviewing you to be an animal” and gave him the job.

Meanwhile Ben and Maddie’s love of bar trivia and their dorkiness about it, including studying, was very endearing, if not a bit sad. It was truly all about the competition, but they never won. Then they tried to undermine the winning team with the unlucky jacket only to have it backfire when Casey told them it was a lucky jacket. I think they may never win at trivia again.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Better With You? Do you like the style of storytelling where they flash back to different time periods like they did with the jacket? Does anyone else wonder why Joanne Garcia looks pregnant only half of the time? Shouldn’t she be almost due by now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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