Amber Benson Returns to SUPERNATURAL

Amber Benson

Remember way back in season 2 of SUPERNATURALwhen Sam and Dean let Lenore the “good” vampire go? Well, Amber Benson is back and is current in Vancouver shooting episode 19 of season 6. The episode is tentatively titled “Mommy Dearest” and, with the Mother of All being freed from purgatory, we can pretty much bet that Benson’s episode will be heavy with that story line.

Back in season two of Supernatural, Benson appeared in “Bloodlust” as Lenore, the leader of a group of vampires that didn’t drink human blood. Instead, they fed off of cattle and other animals, but were eventually hunted down by Gordon. It was touch and go for a while, until Sam eventually convinced Dean to set her and her friends free.

With Lenore returning and based on the title of the episode, it will be interesting to see if she’s still off of human blood, or if the Mother has kicked her vampire instincts into high gear. Whichever happens, I’m always up for a return guest star to Supernatural – especially of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer variety!

“Mommy Dearest” is expected to air on April 29th on the CW.

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