V “Siege” Review

V Season 2 Episode 6 Siege

V “Siege” Season 2 Episode 6 – If you haven’t seen “Siege”, this week’s episode of V, I would probably recommend not reading this review… there may (okay, there ARE) some major spoiler-y comments and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining the show for anyone.

So got that? If you haven’t seen “Siege”, stop reading now. For real. Stop reading.

Now that we’re all on the same page, HOLY CRAP V!

We’ve known for a while that the visitors are not “in peace, always…” but this week we really got to see just how false that statement really is… and ironically enough it wasn’t really at the hand of the visitors! I mean, in a round about way it was, but not directly.

That being said, last week we left Erica under investigation by the FBI as a possible member of the fifth column, Ryan swearing his alliance with Anna, and Tyler giving up his captain position on the visitor’s ship to be with his family.

Well THIS week, Ryan goes inside the fifth column to kill Eli under Anna’s orders to get back at the human’s for Marcus’ near death (we still don’t know how he’s doing, just that he’s in critical condition). He’s captured during this attempt and is held by Eli in the fifth column’s hideout.

Eli calls on Erica who appears to talk to Ryan, and from there things just go from bad to worse.

Erica learns that Ryan is the one that blew the whistle on Anna’s assassination, and if that weren’t bad enough, the FBI shows up to take out the fifth column. Since Erica can’t really be seen with Eli, she poses as a hostage.

This helps two things – one, it gives her a reason to be there, and two it takes off of the thought that she might be a member of the fifth column. So, two birds!

However, Joe (Erica’s ex-husband) sees the hostage situation on the news and jumps into hero mode. He goes to save her and is fed information from an “agent” about a secret way inside the building… so he takes it, of course.

And at that point, Erica Evan’s world pretty much starts to crash and burn.

Things aren’t going so well for Father Jack, either. The church revoked (is that the right word?) his priesthood (is THAT the right word?!) because of the way he spoke about the visitors, and now he’s just a civilian like the rest of his crew.

Which, let’s face it, is better for everyone.

V was, as always, exceptional. The family theme is still playing heavily into the through story and we especially saw that with Tyler leaving for the visitors ship after his father’s death (TOLD YOU! SPOILERS!!)

Did anyone else’s heart just break for Erica? The poor woman lost her husband (just when she’d gotten him back!) and son all in one swoop and both at the hands of the visitors! Oh, she and Anna are going to come to blows and I’m really excited for it.

AND Tyler is REALLY going to regret his speech about Erica not doing her job to protect Joe, and I’m looking forward to seeing his realization.

Elizabeth Mitchell was astounding this week. It’s always nice to see her in an emotional role – however much that character makes me want to jump in front of a bus.

When she was sitting in the destroyed street holding Joe’s dead body I pretty much wanted to weep openly. I may have. Well done Miss Mitchell.

So um… Ryan blew up. WHAT THE HELL?! Granted we didn’t SEE him blow up, but it REALLY seemed like he was still firmly tied to that chair when Kyle detonated those bombs. What will Anna do with Ryan’s daughter now that she doesn’t really need the baby as leverage any longer?

Lisa discovering Diana in the ship is a plot point that I’m REALLY excited about. What do we think V fans?

A giant standoff between team Anna/Tyler and team Erica/Lisa/Diana (and the fifth column)? What will happen now that Erica’s battle strategy has changed and because she has so much more at stake with Tyler fighting alongside the visitors?

What will happen with Father Jack? How will Diana’s guidance help Lisa?

So many questions that need answers! I’m ready for next week.

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