THE MIDDLE “Friends, Lies, and Videotape” Review

THE MIDDLE "Friends, Lies and Videotape"

“THE MIDDLE” “Friends, Lies, and Videotape” Season 2 Episode 15 – Brick wants a friend, Sue wants to see an R-rated movie, Axl wants his biology teacher for his music video, and Frankie just wants to skip her cares away in the “Friends, Lies, and Videotape” episode of THE MIDDLE.

Why am I not surprised Sue has never been punished? Only she would compile a 100-reason list for why she should be allowed to see Taylor Lautner in the R-Rated “Rivers of Love” and then be so appalled his character sleeps with both his wife and his wife’s sister that she has the epic meltdown to end all meltdowns, piling punishment after punishment upon herself. I love Carly and Sue’s “mature” outfits and that they bought coffee and scones. Clearly, scones are more adult than muffins. FYI, it is a little odd that she watches the guy who mows the soccer field, so I’m glad Mike put the kibosh on that. Speaking of Mike, his bemusement at having to punish Sue at all and her growing alarm as she confesses everything is played perfectly. I love Sue-Mike scenes.

I also love Frankie-Brick scenes, and there are some classics here. I can’t believe Zack the cat moves up a level in the social skills group but Brock doesn’t. Poor Brick-playing a game with her is a lot of work as she reads her magazine and then when she actually does try, she ends up skipping away, leaving him in the driveway with a hula hoop. Skipping as a stress reliever. I may have to try that. Even Mike did, after all. I’m so proud-almost as proud as Frankie-that Brock actually makes his own friend. So sweet.

“Stranger danger!” How creeptastically funny is Frankie as she tries to lure little boys to be Brick’s friend? I love it when The Middle has Frankie go way out on the crazy limb, and I’m not sure she could have gotten much nuttier tonight. I can’t believe she randomly offers Gerald a bag of marshmallows and then pays him. So awesome. Best of all is when she’s tailing Gerald and his mom, all hunched over the wheel like a complete lunatic.

Nice to see Axl is as deluded as ever. “Greatest rock song ever, huh?” Hee. Axl and the Axe Men’s video-making has some fun gags and Kristin Cavallari (The Hills) is surprisingly good as the hot biology teacher, but this is the least interesting story for me.

Favorite lines:

“I’m sure she could use the money. What do teachers make–$100-200 grand tops?”

“Sure you look like an idiot when you’re doing it, but you don’t care because you’re skipping.”

“Remember when we saw 127 Hours. I think it could have used more sex and violence.”

“The song is called ‘Run to Me’ and what is the one thing we don’t have her doing?”/”Showering?”

“Just read your book. I know what I’m doing.”

“When I approached him in the park, he was giving off a vibe that he was interested and available.”

Frankie and Sue both show their crazy sides tonight and both are hilarious. The Middle seems to be indulging its surreal side more and more and I couldn’t be happier. It still adds just enough heartwarming moments to keep a good balance and leave me smiling.

What did you think of the episode? What high points did I miss?

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