MODERN FAMILY “Princess Party” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Princess Party"

MODERN FAMILY “Princess Party” Season 2 Episode 15 – Claire and Mitchell’s mom is back and crazier than ever, while Mitchell doesn’t want Fizbo to come back in the “Princess Party” episode of MODERN FAMILY. Meanwhile, Jay, Gloria, and Manny kinda sorta work together to give Lily a special birthday gift.

Just when you think Claire can’t be wound any tighter, her mom comes to town. Wow, does Dede need help (and to burn that horrible jean jacket), but Shelley Long is a lot of fun in this role. Love Alex playing the ‘Jaws’ theme, Luke trying to be cute to calm Claire down, and that Phil makes everything smell like cheese. The Dede-Robbie gropeathon is so wonderfully wrong and funny and Claire’s horror at even seeing the rich with abs Robbie again takes it to a whole new level. “Every time he opens his mouth I can hear my daughters losing respect for me.” I would empathize more with Claire and her scandalous past if it didn’t come in a cute and funny Matt Dillon package, though. Oh, and I’m so glad Claire finally gets to kick some butt with her verbal smack down of her mom. Well done.

Jay, Gloria, and Manny are awesome tonight. Love the voice mail flashback (Beep!) and Gloria’s temper once again coming out. Recording the storybook is both hilarious and adorably sweet, and I could watch Manny and his cup and saucer for hours. High as a kite Gloria is an awesome party guest and I knew Dede would eventually tackle her. Of course it was all about Jay and of course Phil once again has Gloria. Very nice call-back to last season.

It’s the return of Fizbo, and while Mitchell’s right that Lily would rather just have her daddy, I’m glad Fizbo gets the call after hurricane Dede blows through. The theory that a British accent automatically makes you sound smart is definitely thrown out the window (“‘Ello, Govnaa”and Cam’s berating the poor princess is classic. Oh, and you know it’s love when you can cue a gasp. Love that Mitchell isn’t surprised by anything he heard from that storybook.

Some of my favorite lines:

“Don’t worry-it works better in my jammies.”

“What was that?”/”A bear.”/”A bear? I was going to get my crucifix.”

“Maybe Robbie isn’t rich, but he needs a limo because he has a lot of DUIs.”

“What? I’m going to miss Alex’s graduation, all of Hayley’s weddings?”

“What the hell is she doing? He’s half her age…Don’t say it.”

“You just made a little girl very happy.”/”Yes, well I can see that.” Love Cam’s heel clicking as he skips away.

No my God, Modern Family always seems to zip by so fast. All three stories are strong tonight and I think the show is at its best when the families get together, so “Princess Party” is pretty much an instant classic for me, and I knew it would be from the second I heard the ‘Jaws’ theme. Those little touches always get me.

What were your favorite parts of “Princess Party?” Should Fizbo have been at the party from the start? Let me know in the comments.

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