RAISING HOPE “Germ of a Story” Advance Review

RAISING HOPE "A Germ of a Story"

RAISING HOPE “Germ of a Story” Season 1 Episode 13 – The Chances rethink their-shall we say–relaxed stance on germs and Jimmy tries to catch Hope doing cute things with a new video camera in the “Germ of a Story” episode of RAISING HOPE. I’ve watched the episode early, and I have to tell you–I’m still laughing.

Some weeks the humor in Raising Hope is more subtle than others. This is definitely not one of those weeks. Instead, “Germ of a Story” is jam-packed with hilarious sight gags and gross-out moments. One scene in particular had me almost retching even as I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. I love that Raising Hope that can take completely relatable situations like wanting to make your house a little cleaner and wanting cute videos of your child and snowball them into this much zaniness without losing the heart that makes this show so unique.

In the past we’ve seen that Virginia loves the spotlight, but tonight we learn a little about Burt’s video aspirations and that he has a tremendously funny scream. Baby Hope has a couple of her cutest moments yet, I love the Mary Tyler Moore Show shout-out, and, as ever, there is a lovely heartwarming moment near the end.

A taste of the episode:

“Who are you people? Why are we touching each other?”

“You want to get your camera out for some of this, Scorcheesi?”

“You’ll be a Pastafarian. It’ll be hilarious.”

“Though shalt not spy. That’s like one of the Declarations of the Independence.”

“I like to mix it up. Different ones get to different places.”

“I need to know up front if turtles are allowed and if so, where they fall on the food chain.”

“That man was on fire.”

“So this is what zoos will be like when the apes take over. Cool.”

“We’re kind of afraid to find out what’s in there. They never found the Limberger baby, you know.”

“There’s your proof. Our family’s been disgusting for generations.”

There are some great comedies on television these days, but Raising Hope reminds me each week why it’s one of my absolute favorites. It covers every aspect of humor and it has characters I not only enjoy watching but I genuinely care about. Plus, it leaves me feeling good, which is a huge bonus.

Once you’ve watched Raising Hope on FOX tonight at 9pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought. Do you have any favorite moments?

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