ONE TREE HILL “Valentine’s Day Is Over” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Valentine's Day is Over"

ONE TREE HILL “Valentine’s Day Is Over” Season 8 Episode 15 – It is Valentine’s Day in Tree Hill and so this week we are subjected to every couple’s version of celebrating whether sex-filled, blown out or low key.

I admit I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan so an hour episode that is centered totally around the celebration for the day really is not my bag. Despite this, I will admit that there were some good parts to tonight’s episode. First, we finally get to see Clay and Nathan working. Together they scout a new ball player although the fact that he just happens to be Nathan’s hated professor’s son seems a bit convenient. One can only assume that since the ball player also thinks the professor is a “douchebag”, all signs point to Clay and Nathan signing him by next episode. Nathan thinks the overly confident and cocky guy can be changed like he was as a young teen. Speaking of which, are we supposed to believe that guy is a young teen? He looked a bit old for that.

We finally got the honeymoon scenes for Brooke and Julian that we were expecting last week and boy did we get a honeymoon. How many different costumes did they go through? None of that can top their decision at the end of the episode to adopt. I rather expected they would go that route and I think they will make awesome parents, similar to Hailey and Nathan. All I request is please do not make them go the route of adopting a baby and then finding out they are pregnant themselves like Charlotte in Sex and the City because I have a bad feeling that is where it is headed. I also do not think that I can take an entire hour episode of the adoption process next week and hope the writers have something more in store for us.

I never thought I would say that the most touching part of a One Tree Hill episode would involve Chase, but this time it did. He has been going out of his way to get closer to Chuck who apparently needs a man in his life. How sad was it when he said his father promised to come back for him two years ago? Almost as sad as when we found out that his mother had been passed out in a closed bar for the entire time he was there. Without Big Brothers and Chase, I do not think Chuck would stand a chance.

So what did you think of this Valentine Day themed episode of One Tree Hill? Does anyone else think Millie and Mouth might be heading for trouble if the studio is calling to hire her? Please don’t mess with the good couples! Share your thoughts about this episode of One Tree Hill in the comment section below.

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