NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Powell” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Powell

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Powell” Season 1 Episode 15 – Information is starting to come from every direction and at a rapid speed, too. In tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Powell,” Dr. King wants to know the who, what, and how of the Powells’ powers. Stephanie tracks Dr. King from inside Global Tech; and Jim checks out Dr. King’s ties on the outside. All three roads lead to shape-shifter Victoria, who is actually Amelia, the adopted daughter of Dr. King.

I know tonight’s NO ORDINARY FAMILY was all about intrigue, action and suspense, but even more so, I found it to be absolutely hilarious – in a good way. It was funny to watch Kay Panabaker, Julie Benz, and Romany Malco acting as Victoria, pretending to be Daphne, Stephanie, and George. They all had expressions like deer caught in headlights, which might have been intentional since they are actually supposed to be a clueless Victoria being them. Panabaker did a good impersonation of an adult. I couldn’t tell much difference in Benz as Stephanie and Benz as Victoria/Stephanie. Malco was super funny as Victoria/George, acting stupefied to the nth degree. The comical effect was less evident when the characters involved knew about the imposter. Michael Chiklis did a great job differentiating between Jim and Victoria/Jim. You could tell who he was portraying, even without following one of the Jims, as you would the ball in the three shells game. Even Benz as Stephanie/Victoria at the end with Dr. King was more clearly defined, if not a little too flirtatious for a scheming daughter-father chat.

The big shocker of the episode for me was learning that Dr. King wants Stephanie for himself, to the point of telling Victoria to kill Jim. Where did that come from?! Well, it didn’t go as planned since Jim kills Victoria. Benz’s crying scene over Victoria/Jim’s body left me slightly disappointed; but she was in a state of shock after all. (With all the shape-shifting, I also senselessly kept thinking that Victoria would suddenly turn into a sharp-toothed, long-clawed creature at some point.) Will there eventually be a mighty rivalry between Jim and Dr. King? Or do you think Victoria was just a means to an end for Dr. King? Did he love her as a daughter? Why did she have to change her name?

Finally, the Scooby Doo gang of JJ and Daphne follow the trail of Natalie’s mother’s murder to the psycho Mrs. Rainey, whose acting oddly resembled the three above-mentioned actors being Victoria. Was this all just to get JJ back together with Natalie? Then Katie spills to Stephanie about Joshua being “one of them,” so now Stephanie will develop a counter serum for Joshua. Is it that easy? Was this just to bring back the whole cinoxate plot element, or just to deal with Joshua’s pesky plot-hurdle of a drug/green goo addiction?

Next up is Stephanie/Jim pretending to be Victoria, acting as Stephanie/Jim. Sounds funny to me already!

What are your opinions about episode 15 “No Ordinary Powell” on No Ordinary Family?