NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Empty Quiver” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Empty Quiver” Season 2 Episode 16 – Okay so I’m just gonna get the superficial stuff out of the way freaking hot were the boys in their CHP uniforms? We already got to see Sam in one last week and right then all I wanted was to see Callen in one too, so imagine my happiness when I got my wish within the first two minutes.

Alright, now that I’ve got that out of the way I can talk about the rest of the episode. While there was the usual amount of hilarity and wisecracks flying between the team, things were actually pretty serious in this one. When they find out that a nuclear warhead has been stolen and a nuclear physicist along with it, everyone quickly switches into battle mode to handle it. I always love how well they can go from the funny stuff to the scary stuff and that was certainly true in this episode. From the scene where the warhead was stolen (which I truly think is one of the best sequences I’ve seen on this show so far) to Hetty giving the order to use deadly force, the action was top-notch.

My favorite bits…

Wondering for a second there if I had somehow changed the channel and stumbled on an old episode of CHiPs.

Sqeeing like a schoolgirl in pigtails when I saw Callen in his uniform.

Eric telling Nell that his bully was named Stephanie.

Deeks accusing Kensi of being very tightly wound and then describing every reason why. Proving once again that she and I are so alike that it’s scary.

Hetty pointing out that Deeks and Kensi were starting to sound like partners.

Callen having to point out to Deeks that Sam was mocking him.

Sam and Callen’s banter about bantering and why it was the crux of their relationship.

Wondering how Deeks and Kensi could call a place “clear” if they hadn’t been in every room yet.

Deeks quickly volunteering him and Kensi for duty at the bikini bar.

Jumping about six inches off my couch when the shots came out of the house and nearly got Callen.

Sam pulling his gun on the guy when he pulled one on Callen.

Every single moment of the gunbattle, from the first moment when Sam got hit (thank god only in the vest) to the song they used (a great remake of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill” by Placebo), to the imagery of the truck rolling through the smoke, to the bikes exploding. It was so incredibly amazing that I think I rewound and watched it over at least three times. Wow..just, wow.

Cracking up when I said “whoa” at the exact same moment Deeks did when they found out a nuclear warhead was stolen.

Finding out that bananas are radio active?? Huh, you learn something new every day.

Kensi taking out three sentries in less than three seconds. Daaaaamn.

Eric taking down the video just in the nick of time.

Eric’s explanation of what he had just done boiling down to “I broke the internet.”

Deeks pulling the absolutely freaking oldest trick in the book by telling the guy his safety was on. Nice!

Deeks being impressed that Eric took down Twitter. LOL.

Deeks watching Kensi snarfing down her food with a look of …Wonder? Disgust? Fascination?

Kensi and Deeks agreeing to lighten up and take things more seriously, respectively.

Finding it hilarious that, after staring down a man with a gun in his face and having to stop a possible nuclear accident, Deeks described Kensi’s laugh as terrifying. Hee!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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