NCIS “Defiance” Review

NCIS (CBS) Defiance

NCIS “Defiance” Season 8 Episode 15 – There are episodes were the team is “on” and others where they aren’t so much. This was one of the ones where they were totally on and I’ve been happy to notice that’s been the case for the last couple of episodes. Nobody was doing things that confused me and as a fan who (like many of us) has watched every episode countless times, I like it when they act more like the people that we’ve come to know and love.

Not that I don’t appreciate character development because I adore it. But there’s a difference between development and just plain going off track. This week though, we got a little bit of everything. We got confirmation and references of things we already knew – Tony turning down the assignment in Spain, Gibbs calling Ziva “Ziver”, a campfire, McGee’s book. We also got some new tidbits like Tony’s fear of needles and McGee’s admission that he does want to run his own team someday.

I felt bad that McGee once again was fooled by a woman who only wanted to use him and I do hope that someday he gets that relationship he apparently wants. Then again, it’s not like the rest of the team have had much luck in that department either so I can’t say I have too much hope for him.

My favorite bits…..

Having no idea what was going on and not being sure what was more shocking – the sight of Tony hurt or Vance asking for his and McGee’s badges. Whoa!

Busting up not only at the silly face Tony made out of Gibbs’ face, but the funny voice he had to go with it.

Tony putting up his wacky Abby picture, using his Mighty Mouse stapler (what else?).

Ziva confusing Animal Farm with Animal House. LOL.

Thinking it was pretty cool of Ziva to mention that McGee had a degree in computer sciences to Adriana.

Ziva closing Tony’s mouth for him. Good thing too, cuz I was afraid for a second there that something was gonna fly in.

Ducky and Jimmy walking in to autopsy and finding Gibbs sleeping on one of the tables.

McGee confirming that everyone on the team did know that Tony turned down the assignment in Spain.

McGee admitting to Ziva that someday he did want to run his own team. I was kinda hoping he would ask her the same question as I was curious what she would say to that.

Abby pointing out to Tony that it was strange that he hadn’t donated blood, considering he had donated sperm once.

Tony admitting that he is terrified by needles. OMG, it’s like every fanfic I’ve ever read has just come true.

Tony covering his…ahem…..”boys” when Ziva came too close.

Adriana telling Tony that he didn’t run so bad for a guy his age. LOL.

McGee stopping the kiss before it went any further. Good boy! Not that I don’t want him to have a relationship but like he said, she was under his protection.

Literally screaming NO! about two seconds before McGee did when Adriana went for the door.

Being so disappointed when Tony and McGee’s car chase got cut off so fast. I mean come on! Couldn’t we have at least seen them get father than a block?

Gibbs telling McGee that they were all a team and he was sure as hell not giving up his badge. Yeah!

Abby trying to remove the bad mojo from Tony’s stapler and McGee’s book. I love that her mind went there first.

Feeling bad for Tony and McGee when I found out that they hadn’t slept in two days. Poor boys.

Tony calling a campfire! Yay! LOVE campfires.

Everyone agreeing that Gibbs had suggested, in his own subtle way, that they should go to search Adriana’s place.

Tony having an envelope full of crime scene stickers. Sneaky, sneaky…..I love it.

The look of what looked like betrayal on Gibbs’ face when Vance asked if he had any proof that Adriana was in on her own kidnapping. Seems like Vance should have been more receptive to the idea.

Gibbs calling Ziva “Ziver.” Yay!

Tony suddenly, inexplicably getting over his fear of needles…….when he saw the hot nurse.

Getting just a touch teary-eyed when I saw the dedication to the security guard who lost his life on set last week flash across the screen. That was so awesome.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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