MIKE AND MOLLY “First Valentine’s Day” Review


MIKE AND MOLLY “First Valentine’s Day” Season 1 Episode 16 – It’s the first Valentine’s Day that MIKE AND MOLLY are spending together, and Mike goes out of is way to make it perfect. From planning out a carriage ride down Michigan avenue, to the heart shaped cake with “Happy Valentine’s Day Molly!” spelled out in red hots (her favorite) he didn’t forget any details.

Things start going down hill when he goes to the bakery (again, her favorite – she mentioned it once when they drove by) to pick up the cake. He reveals Molly’s last name to the (very) attractive owner of the shop, who tells Mike that he is Molly’s ex boyfriend. Not only have he and Molly dated in the past – they were engaged until he called off the wedding.

This news sends Mike into a spiral where he eats the entire cake meant for Molly, and confronts her about her past. What Mike DOESN’T know is that Molly’s fiancee is gay – it’s not something that Molly likes to talk about much. After a pep talk from Carl’s mother, Mike ends up returning to the bakery to tell Molly’s ex that he is the new guy in Molly’s life – and there’s nothing he can do about it.

“First Valentine’s Day” was adorable. From all of Mikes planning, to Molly’s semi-freak out when he found out about Kyle, it was a great episode that showed just how nerve wracking the holiday can be! Carl was fantastic this week. I’m not sure if it was because he was more prominent in the episode, or if the writing for him was just funnier than usual, but I REALLY enjoyed Carl and Mike in “First Valentine’s Day”.

Other stand out moments of the episode:

  • Mike: “I even listened to her iPod to see what kind of music she liked so I could Karaoke it!” Carl: “What did you decide on?” Mike: ” ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC. It was the only thing on there that didn’t suck.”
  • The entire scene in the police car between Mike and Carl when Mike devours the cake meant for Molly.
  • The ending – Mike standing outside Molly’s house holding the boombox over his head playing “You Shook Me All Night Long”. So adorable. So Say Anything!
  • The carriage ride down Michigan Avenue. I live in Milwaukee, only an hour -ish outside of Chicago; I’m there all the time. I could actually FEEL the bitter cold that they were showing on that carriage ride – and I LAUGHED when they had to pull the scarves over their already running noses. Been there.
  • I continue to like Mike and Molly each week. It’s funny, it’s real life, and it dos both of these things well. What did you think of Mike and Molly?

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