JUSTIFIED “The Life Inside” Advance Review


JUSTIFIED “The Life Inside” Season 2 Episode 2 – Raylan has a pretty bad day in this episode and though I can’t say much about it (those dang spoilers), I can say that he and another deputy are assigned to escort a pregnant prisoner and things all go to hell pretty fast and only get worse from there.

On the personal side, things aren’t too much better for Rayland. I think he and Winona are hitting a wall with their new “arrangement” (because really, I don’t think one could call it a relationship at this point). As I watched the two of them together, I could see why they got divorced and though I know I’m a girl and I should probably be on Winona’s side, I’m really not. She asks him things that makes me want to throw things at my television and then ask the woman why she is expecting things from him that he obviously never gave her before. Um hello Winona, you do remember this man, right? You do know that things didn’t work with y’all in the first place, right?

Though in the end, I also saw some glimpses of how they must have been when they first got together and for the first time I understood how they could have worked as a couple. Sex aside, I couldn’t quite see where they were going but now..well now I’m at least thinking there’s a shot for them. Though whether or not they can rebuild what they had, or even if that’s what either of them really wants, I have no clue. That’s part of the fun of watching them together, wondering where they will end up.

As for other characters, well let’s just say that there’s a development with Boyd that I found very interesting and am pretty curious to see what everyone else thinks once they’ve seen the episode too. I can’t say that I’m hugely shocked by what I saw in this episode but I wonder how it will affect some other relationships on the show.

I also can’t quite figure out what Raylan’s father’s whole mast plan is. After last week I’m positive the old coot took that money but why and why he didn’t admit it when everything went to pot, I don’t get. He must have some big plan but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out.

Overall another great episode of Justified that has me even more excited for the rest of the season to come.

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