CASTLE “The Final Nail” Review

CASTLE (CBS) The Final Nail

CASTLE “The Final Nail” Season 3 Episode 15 – Near the beginning of this episode, we got to see something we’ve never seen before between Castle and Beckett – anger. Sure, those two have snapped at each other here and there but when Castle is sure that his friend is innocent, he takes Beckett to the edge and the scene where she threw him off the case was intense. Beckett tries to do her job just as she would with any other suspect but it’s different for Castle this time.

At one point, his mother tells Castle to ignore his head and follow his heart and I think that’s probably the best advice he’s ever gotten. Because normally I think that’s what he does to solve crimes, he goes with his gut and his heart and that works for him. So he decides to solve Damian’s father’s old murder case to prove his friend was innocent then, hoping it will help prove his innocence now.

As it turns out, it’s the fact that Castle is so connected to the case that allows him to solve it, but in the end that knowledge basically backfires when he discovers the truth. Beckett proves that Damian didn’t kill his wife but it’s Castle who ends up putting his good friend behind bars.

My favorite bits…

The matter of fact way Beckett announced “nailgun” when she saw their victim with a bunch of nails in her head.

Beckett rounding the corner to find Castle standing there.

Damian calling Castle “Ricky.” Aw, that’s cute. I like it.

This line from Castle: “Do I see two men jumping on a hot, workman-related lead?…..that sounded a lot dirtier than I wanted to.”

Ryan and Esposito snatching the coffees from Castle.

Beckett accidentally repeating “she cry” in Morris’ accent.

Castle’s story about he and Damian met and him saying “without Damian Westlake, I’m not me.”

Esposito telling Ryan “mom and dad are fighting” and him asking who was winning.

Castle appearing out of the steam and apologizing to Beckett.

The fact that Esposito didn’t take any of Castle’s bull when he was questioning the graffiti guy.

Everyone staring at Castle when he knew exactly what was in a “playroom.”

Beckett telling Castle that the Damian he knew wasn’t real and that he had made him up. Wow, I think she nailed it but so sad.

Feeling so bad for Castle as he watched his best friend being arrested.

Martha telling Castle to forget about his head and listen to his heart.

Castle’s relief when Beckett finally saw that Damian didn’t do it.

Castle and Becket’s unison “I think I know who the killer is.”

Beckett offering to buy Castle a drink and then calling him a liar when he claimed he was okay.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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