90210 “Revenge With the Nerd” Review

90210 "Revenge of the Nerd"

90210 “Revenge With the Nerd” Season 3 Episode 15 – On this week’s 90210, Navid gets a brilliant idea, with the help of Dixon, to turn his father’s studio and their family name around. Naomi seeks revenge against the guru who stole her land and makes an unlikely ally in the process. Emily ups her stalk and destroy efforts against Annie. Finally, Adrianna vows revenge against the skank that slept with Navid. You may know her as Silver.

The fact that Navid and Dixon pulled off an entire Nelly music video shoot without any real business knowledge is almost a tribute to the original 90210 where mere teenage kids were always pulling off fantastic feats, a la Steve Sanders. I can appreciate Navid wanting to change the image of his family’s name and make some money in the process, even if it is only $10. How sweet was his gift to his mother? Maybe he should consider renaming the studio at least. If everytime you say your name, the person you are with immediately says “porn”, a name change is in order.

Have the writers lost all creativity when it comes to Adrianna’s character? How much more selfishness, self absorption and whining can we be made to sit through? The producer on her reality show was right, all we hear about is her whining about Navid. If not Navid, the loss of her career. If not that, the skank that slept with Navid. Navid is right, when does she start to blame herself for what is happening, and has happened, in her life?

I knew that the writers were going to provide a new love interest for Teddy, but I did not expect it to happen this soon. The funny thing is, as Teddy and Silver were on the roof, I wondered what happened to the balls that they hit off of there and how they never caused any damage. The next thing I knew, a guy got hit in the eye. I was surprised he was not madder. I know I would have been.

Meanwhile, Naomi is obsessed with getting her land back from the faux guru. She blows off her lab partner whom she decides is a nerd. He does not care as he has deemed her an airhead. What he does care about, however, are his grades, so when Naomi tries to leave the school to stage some kind of guru protest, he goes along for the ride thinking he can persuade her to dig up some dirt as well, literally. They each see another side of the other when Naomi’s outbursts fail to persuade the guru and when Max finds a protected owl on her land and works all day and night with Naomi to get photographic proof to save her land. How dramatic was Naomi when she announced to her lawyer, “I have a bigger problem. I think I have the hots for a nerd”? Maybe this will be how we end up seeing Naomi dressed in an Avatar costume.

What did you think of this episode of 90210? At least cousin Emily is no longer pretending she is not trying to ruin Annie’s life as much good as that will do Annie considering no one believes her. That has to be my least favorite storyline on the show right now. What about you? Share your favorite moments, characters and thoughts about the show in the comment section below.

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