THE SIMPSONS “The Blue and the Gray” Review

THE SIMPSONS "The Blue and the Gray" FOX

THE SIMPSONS “The Blue and the Gray” Season 22 Episode 13 – It’s Valentine’s Day and all the good days of single cell organisms of self reproduction are long gone. Moe and the other single bachelors of Springfield are out looking for love advice. Meanwhile, Marge finds a gray hair, and decides to embrace her age and forgo the blue hair dye.

Marge’s hair crisis leads to a family crisis about her hair. Homer’s reaction to his wife’s hair is one of horror: “I feel like I’m married to Richard Gere!” Even his inner team of Marriage Preservation Commission comes up blank with nothing more than “so…chicken.” Bart and Lisa undergo their own hair crisis when they realise they have no hair line.

It was a pretty good if weirdly disjointed episode of The Simpsons. It began much stronger than it ended. Homer’s state of wingman for Moe was amusing, though the final sequence where Marge looks like the cat lady after a car crash was not exactly laugh out loud hilarious.

Bart’s therapy session was pretty much out of nowhere, and felt like a tack on storyline to fill up time.

Even though Marge was called empowering by Lisa for going natural gray, she decides to stick with the blue to avoid being mistaken for a pensioner, being congratulated for her ‘bravery’ by the other middle aged women of Springfield, and keeping Homer, who clearly has a thing for women in blue from Na’vi to the smurfs to his own wife.

My favourite moments of the episode:

The opening sequence between the crazy cat lady and the crazy dog man was hilarious. Their mumbling fight was very funny.

Marge to Homer after he tries to compliment her: “Homey, you always mean to say the nicest things.”

Homer closing Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s mouths and Maggie shutting his before anyone can respond to Marge’s new hairstyle.

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