THE CHICAGO CODE “Hog Butcher” Advance Review


THE CHICAGO CODE “Hog Butcher” Episode 2 – Did you catch The Chicago Code last week when it premiered on Fox? What did you think? Well, if you thought the pilot was a good start, you will love tonight’s episode. I had the opportunity to review it in advance and I am hooked on this show. The confusion I initially had about the corruption and backstories seem to be working itself out with every new viewing. Like last week’s episode, The Chicago Code continues to provide background on some of the characters in voiceovers done either by the characters themselves or someone that knows them. I find this technique particularly engaging.

This week’s episode of The Chicago Code focuses on the aftermath of the shooting and killing of Antonio, Superintendent Colvin’s driver and longtime friend. Not only is the entire force upset over the loss of one of their own, but Colvin and Jarek wonder if there isn’t more to the story than an upset cop with a grudge. Naturally, in a city full of corruption and after having just formed a secret task force to bring it down, one would want to think that something like this is related, but is it? That is something that Colvin and Jarek work through this week with the help of Liam, who risks his cover, and Isaac, who risks subordination to get to the truth.

There were quite a few moving scenes. When Colvin pays her respects to Antonio’s mother, you can feel the heartbreak all the way around. Later when Antonio’s mother finds out the ramifications of Antonio’s actions, a different kind of heartbreak emerges. Is Alderman behind that as well? There is also a scene involving a long time police officer coming to terms both with the changes in his career and the effect of his own actions. Finally, there is a powerful scene at the end with Jarek when for one brief moment, he truly lets someone in.

The Chicago Code is a great show. Already, I find myself invested in the characters which is amazing after only two episodes. The actors are all good, but Jason Clarke is the true standout with his character, Jarek Wysocki. I know The Chicago Code is supposed to be centered around Superintendent Colvin and her fight to save the city, but I suspect we will find that it truly centers around Jarek. He is the heart of the show.

Tune in tonight to the second episode of The Chicago Code at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox and then come back here and tell me what you thought in the comments below.

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