HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Desperation Day” Review


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Desperation Day” Season 6 Episode 16 – In the Valentine’s Day episode of How I Met Your Mother, it feels like we were getting through the final stages of recovery from the heartbreak of Marshall’s dad passing and starting to move on. The biggest effect of that process seems to be that the show is starting to feel like it’s old self again.

It’s difficult to quickly move back into the comedic pacing of How I Met Your Mother while still giving appropriate weight to the devastating events from the previous weeks. I think this episode did a good job with that transition so that we could see Marshall resuming his normal role among his friends without downplaying his personal tragedy. We see how hard it’s been for Marshall to cope with his dad dying but we also get to see him make a determined effort to move forward with his own life.

I loved Marshall and Ted in their adolescent-regression and how easily the both of them just fell back into that comfortable place where a doting mom provides room service deliveries of SunnyD and PB’n’J sandwiches at Hot-Pocket-O’Clock. Marshall’s mom was cute. As much as she’s still dealing with her loss, she can tell that Marshall needs a familiar place to recover more than she needs her sanity even if he’s starting to wear her out. I like how Lily and Mrs. Erikson’s relationship has changed since the funeral and it seems like now Mrs. Erikson sees Lily as someone she respects and can trust to get Marshall back in line.

Lily’s Marshpillow bit was hilarious. I don’t know how the prop crew managed to make a body pillow look like it had a personality, but it totally worked for me. When Marshpillow is slumped over on the couch at the end of the episode, I about died because somehow the pillow looked so pathetic as Lily was breaking things off. Also, Lily and Marshall’s Valentine tradition of watching Predator was a great detail of their relationship. I loved that it all tied in later in the episode with Barney prowling MacLarens using his infrared vision and the Predator clicking noises.

Barney, up to his usual shenanigans, explains his plans for “Desperation Day” – February 13th. He meets and becomes immediately intrigued by one of Robin’s single friends, Nora. I can’t recall a time before where Barney has seemed at all interested in a real relationship with a girl that wasn’t Robin. With Robin having gone out of her way to set Nora up with Barney at laser tag, I’m sensing that we’ll probably see a bit more of Nora in the future. I’m thinking that maybe Nora will be to Barney what Don was to Robin. Since I’m one of those people that wants Robin and Barney to end up back together eventually, I hope Barney gets serious about Nora… but not too serious.

Finally, there’s the Ted and Zoey thing. I like Zoey, but it’s hard for me to care about what happens in their relationship because after the 5 years I’ve spent with Ted Mosby in our TV friendship, I’m tired of playing his relationship games. I love his awkward dorkiness and I don’t mind him spending time with a variety of short term girlfriends, but his thing for Zoey seems like it’s going to last for a while. She’s funny and cute and I can’t say anything specifically negative about her, but I keep thinking of what Robin says to Ted earlier in the episode about how Zoey is fresh from a divorce and moving so quickly forward with Ted. I just don’t think it’s going to end well, so at least I hope she somehow leads Ted directly into the arms of the mother of his future children because I’m so ready for that part of the story to begin.

All in all, I thought it was a great episode of How I Met Your Mother. A handful of new story lines seem to be opening up and I’m looking forward to see where they’re going to go.