HAWAII FIVE-0 “Powa Maka Moana” Review


HAWAII FIVE-0 “Powa Maka Moana” Episode 17 – In this episode the team takes on a bunch of pirates. No, I’m not kidding – although these aren’t so much the parrot-on- the-shoulder, argh!-crying and swashbuckling kind. No these are more the kidnap-a-bunch-of-college-students and machine-gun-carrying kind.

The case brings up bad memories for Steve as he has to deal with a lot of freaked-out families and stare into faces wearing the same fear that he had when he got the call that his own father had been kidnapped. This time, Steve vows to get everyone back alive but when one of the parents tries to take things into his own hands and gets his own son killed, things quickly go from bad to worse.

In the end, the team of course foils the kidnapper’s plans of course. It may have been clever of them to pose as an innocent bystander on the boat and her worried fiancé, but this is Five-0 we’re talking about and they have no trouble figuring it out. So while they can’t get back the one life that is lost, the team takes what comfort they can from reuniting those they can with their families.

My favorite bits…

Steve pointing out to Danny that classic cars are temperamental like him. I love Danny but I’m with Steve on this one. Classics totally have their attitudes.

Steve showing Susan various weapons on his phone so she could identify which the pirates were using. Man, you gotta love technology.

Danny saying that, unlike Steve, the kidnappers didn’t care how the check was split up as long as they got their money.

Steve telling Danny that it looked like he was doing Downward Dog. Hmm.I thought he might have been going for Warrior but that’s just me.

Danny asking Steve if he came from Krypton since he thought pushing a car up a hill was good exercise.

Danny asking Steve if Kona had just said he was in a training bra. LOL!

Finding out that Kona was training to be a Sumo wrestler. You know, he could totally kick ass at that.

Danny using the phrase “pirate zombie.” OMG he totally just combined two of my favorite things into one. I smell a Halloween costume idea coming on..

Danny cracking up when Lono suggested that Steve was the rational one. Um, excuse me for a second.. *collapses into hysterical laughter*

Steve coming back in with a grenade and blowing the door off.

Danny not only suggesting that Steve needed help, but offering to pay for it.

Steve promising to get the kids back alive.

The bartender telling Chin that he didn’t need to ID him. Aw, so mean.

Kono catching the dude on an escalator. Nice!

Feeling so bad for Steve when they found the dead kid and had to tell his parents. So awful.

Not being able to feel any anger for the father who didn’t follow Steve’s instructions, after I heard his story.

Aha! I totally suspected it was Susan and her boyfriend. Boy do I love it when I’m right.

Steve’s voice over the radio asking Susan if she really thought he was going to send her in with all that money.

Steve diving on to a moving bus = So. Freaking. Cool.

The look on Steve’s and the rest of the team’s faces while they watched all the families being reunited. Great moment.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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