GETTYSBURG Coming to the History Channel


To mark the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Civil War, History is planning a weeklong series of specials for the event. EW’s Inside TV reports that a big part of the plan is GETTYSBURG.

The film is commissioned by the network and produced by the Scott brothers – Ridley (Gladiator) and Tony (Man on Fire). It promises to strip away the romantic versions of the war that we usually see and present the engagement as “a visceral, terrifying experience” using reenactment footage and CGI, while focusing on the stories of soldiers on the ground.

The network will also fill the week with other Civil War-themed episodes of shows like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, as well as other specials, including the two-hour Grant & Lee, a look at the two iconic generals of the war. In addition, the network is set to launch a four-year national education campaign on the subject.

Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of History said:

“The Civil War is arguably one of the most critical events in our nation’s history. Our four-year commitment highlighting the anniversary, key battles, and people who fought during that conflict underscores our deep devotion to the genre — it is a pledge we are making to our country, to our viewers, and to every school in America.”

Ridley Scott also said in a statement:

“History is the perfect partner for us to tell the epic true story of Gettysburg. We are excited to bring this battle to audiences in a powerful new way.”

The Civil War event will mark the first annual themed programming week every to come from History and the network plans to continue running it for four years. The move also gets the network back on brand after the whole Kennedys miniseries flap, as well as marking the channel’s first major programming announcement since passing on the controversial project. History has also reportedly already signed advertisers Bank of America, Ram, and GEICO to sponsor the week-long project.

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