FAMILY GUY “Friends of Peter G” Review

FAMILY GUY Friends of Peter G

FAMILY GUY “Friends of Peter G” Season 9 Episode 11 – Peter and Brian get drunk at the cinema during The Sound of Music and are arrested and sent to AA. “I have never seen a bigger bunch of pathetic bastards in my life,” Peter tells the AA group. To solve this issue, he brings in cases of alcohol and designates the AA meetings the new secret drinking places.

I knew I would love this episode from the “hey, did you here about the magic baby born in Bethlehem?” segment. Then along came the Mr Booze musical. Not quite Sound of Music, but about five times more sugary and ten times more entertaining.

Peter is greeted by Death after a car crash and is convinced, after a little Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life intervention, to quite alcohol. Well, not exactly. After watching the lives of cigarette burning drunkard and the sober family man, Peter is convinced to reduce is consumption of alcohol, instead throwing away half his pack for the birds.

Some of my favourite moments of the episode:

The entire cinema opening was hilarious.

Stewie: “I know you’re preoccupied but there’s a new teacher at preschool who deactivates the camera and then hits us…She slams us into the monkey bars but none of us have the language skills to call her on it.”

“Hey, where does the poop go, in a Cat-Dog? Does it come out of the dog’s mouth, and vice versa? Oh God! That’s some kind of hell. That’s some kind of hell.”

Death (looking at Peter’s car crash mangled body): “Please be Rosie O’Donnell, please be Rosie O’Donnell, please be Rosie O’Donnell…”

Looking at the alcohol free Peter: “Who the f***k is this jerk?”

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