BIG LOVE “The Special Relationship” Review

BIG LOVE "The Special Relationship"

BIG LOVE “The Special Relationship” Season 5 Episode 5 – Just when you thought that there could not be anything more that could come along to crack the foundation of this family, we have this week’s episode. As the Henricksons are finally moving past the revelation that Margene was under age when Bill married her, Bill breaks the news that in order to adopt Cara Lynn, he will have to divorce Barb. Do you think that went over well?

I am a bit confused about the sudden urgency to get Cara Lynn adopted. Bill insists it is to protect her, but from what? If Nicki is her biological mother and recognized so by law, and her father is dead, who exactly could claim her? Wouldn’t it be kidnapping? Further, Cara Lynn is not a small child. She is in high school and will probably be 18 in just a few short years. At that point in time, her adoption would be meaningless for protection as she would be an adult. Am I missing something here? Just when I think Bill cannot be any more clueless about his wives’ wants and needs, he tells Barb that they need to divorce so that he can marry Nicki in order to adopt Cara Lynn. Let’s set aside the fact that Nicki just told everyone at the end of last season that she wanted Bill all to herself. Let’s also set aside the fact that Nicki has always fought Barb for more control in the family. Bill and Barb have been married for 20 years. She is his first wife, someone he chose long before he even though of plural marriage. Shouldn’t that mean something? Barb’s agreement in the end seemed less about accepting the situation and more about ending the situation, which saddens me. Will Barb assert herself more once they are divorced? Try to become a priestholder, something that is entirely against their religous beliefs, through this one act?

As for Bill, when he is not completely ignoring everything going on around him, he is easily fooled by a false deal with the Senator. I am amazed that he so willingly thought in the blink of an eye, he would have it all worked out and be able to carry out his agenda in the Senate with no questions asked all because the Senator was just tired of it all? So I was not surprised when the Church stepped in with an agenda of its own. How will Bill fare now? Can he actually carry out all of the threats he seems to be throwing in every direction?

Speaking of threats, Alby made good on his word. He told Bill he would be coming after him for destroying his family and he did. Going after Don was brilliant, even if it was not done according to plan. I, for one, am thankful Don is still alive. I would have been crushed to lose him from the show. Although Bill has not put two and two together yet, if he happens to remember Rhonda’s odd speech during dinner that night where she randomly announces Verlan is working on the compound and is coming home with $50,000, he should be able to quickly figure out what the job was really about.

I feel really bad about Lois. She has enough clarity to know she is not at home and not happy. Even though she may know she is not always in her right mind, that doesn’t make her any less homesick. I was surprised at Bill’s control when talking to Frank and how he was able to halfway abide by his mother’s wishes not to tell Frank the truth. Leave it to Frank to take off without an explanation. I loved when Frank refused to believe that Lois was sick because he always thought she could survive anything including a nucelar explosion “just Lois and the rats.” Is it too much to ask for a cure for her dementia? I want the old fiesty Lois back.

What did you think of this episode of Big Love? Any predictions as to how the story will end? Share them with us in the comments below.

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