EPISODES “Episode 6” Advance Review

EPISODES "Episode 6"

EPISODES “Episode 6” Season 1 Episode 6 –
I’ve previewed the next to last installment of EPISODES and while I can’t tell you too much, I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say we finally circle back to the beginning of the pilot and we see some of the fallout from Sean and Beverly’s confrontation and Matt and Beverly’s accident.

Last week’s episode ended with a heartbroken Beverly watching Sean wank to Morning’s sex tape. Should she have been as upset as she was? I think we could debate that for days. While we know what Sean did and didn’t do, Beverly doesn’t and her insecurities combined with Sean’s deception and deflection have had her convinced for a while that if Sean hadn’t yet slept with Morning, he was going to soon enough. The whole situation is frustrating, but honestly, the bottom line is that these two have terrible communication problems and they’re champions at avoiding issues until they absolutely can’t anymore, so I think the bitter fight (which still resonates even though we’ve seen it before) was inevitable.

The rest of the episode follows Sean and Beverly as they separately deal with the mess at hand. Merc outdoes himself in the hypocrisy department and I’m now actively wishing for his wife to publicly humiliate him and hire the most vicious divorce attorney on the planet. Carol is-hands down-the funniest and best part of tonight’s episode. Unfortunately she only appears in two scenes as she tries to keep ‘Pucks’ alive.

A taste of the episode:

“I’m really the star of her hate. You’re, at best, co-hated.”

“Maybe really teach him a lesson and take him for a drive.”

“What? You don’t do that here?”

“I know; it’s shocking. Something called ‘Pucks’ isn’t good.”

“That’s why people always say she’s such a f-king woman with integrity.”

One of the things I enjoyed so much about the first five installments of Episodes is that even as the humor got darker and the situation between Sean and Beverly grew tenser, the show still had charm and an almost innocent quality to it. That ended with last week’s final scene and now the humor that’s left feels much more bitter than sharp while the plot has become unnecessarily messy with characterization also taking an unneeded hit. It almost seems that Episodes is rapidly sinking into predictability and mediocrity just as the ‘Pucks’ pilot has, and it makes me a little sad. Don’t get me wrong-there are still elements of the show I like and I need to know what happens to these characters, but the overall tone has gone from dark to morose, and that’s simply not fun.

After you’ve watched Episodes on Showtime tonight at 9:30pm eastern/8:30pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post your thoughts. Am I too harsh or are you disappointed, too?

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