CALIFORNICATION “Lawyers, Guns and Money” Advance Review

CALIFORNICATION “Lawyers, Guns and Money” Season 4 Episode 6 – I can not stop gushing about this season of Californication. After a somewhat tame episode 5, episode 6 takes viewers back on the crazy train. In the last episode, Charlie had to go to the hospital over a man-scaping attempt gone terribly wrong. While at the hospital Marcy learns that her baby is probably Charlie’s. Hank goes to a hotel party at Sasha Bingham’s that Mia is attending. The 3 end up in bed (with their clothes on) however somebody snaps a picture and it looks pretty bad.

In “Lawyers, Guns, and Money”, Hank gets dumped by two different women. Marcy gets a house call from a wealthy client looking for more than a waxing and Rob Lowe returns as Brad Pitt look-alike, Eddie Nero, who is still obsessed with “the darkness”. Karen tries to help Hank before he hits rock bottom and Hank tries to help Becca before she makes a bad decision.

My first impression of “Lawyers, Guns and Money” was that the episode name should be a Guns N’ Roses or Motley Crue b-side. If you think about it, the theme of this season of Californication has been somewhat of a throw back to old school LA – with Becca playing at the Whiskey and Hank holed up in a hotel room, hanging on by a thread. This episode reminded me of episode 4, “Monkey Business”, in that in contained 1 particular scene that made my jaw drop to the floor. Rob Lowe steals the show in this episode and delivers some shocking yet amusing lines. Since it’s a fast-paced episode some of his lines are easy to miss so I encourage you to pay close attention – you’ll be shocked and repulsed.

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