SMALLVILLE “Beacon” Review

Smallville "Beacon" CW

SMALLVILLE “Beacon” Season 10 Episode 13 – John Glover makes a very welcome return as Lionel Luthor, a man who faked his own death, calls Tess “Lutessa” and in this episode takes over Luther Corp. Meanwhile, Senator Martha Kent returns to Metropolis as a speaker against the VRA and she is targeted by a sniper.

Clark’s reaction to hearing the shots on television as his mother was speaking was a great, epic moment: the slo-mo head turn, the lightning flit out the door. It was powerfully emotional without even showing the action on television.

There was a lot of inspiration and reassurance and pep talks with Martha’s return, everything from informing Chloe that Clark needs her to helping Lois realize another outlet to get out her stories.

Thankfully, this was balanced out by Lionel’s return. His scene with Tess was filled with tension and foreboding as Lionel made clear his intention of finding Lex. When he found Lex, brilliantly played by Lucas Grabeel, the revelation that Lex was the shooter was unexpected (at least to me) and very smart: he shot Martha in the hopes that Clark would speed in front of her and take the bullet filled with kryptonite.

Grabeel is more than impressive as he takes out both Martha and Glover and burns down the mansion, and then aims the gun at Clark and Tess. Tess’ admission that Clark changed her life was quite touching and very well played.

Clark finally realises that he is a true hero, a beacon, after Lois and Chloe hack into the main news websites. Hundreds of thousands of people risk their lives to announce their love for the Blur. The VRA act is repealed and Clark (briefly) considers exposing his identity, which I suppose is a natural reaction though I’m glad Martha squashed the idea so fast, especially since we know the outcome of his decision and it seems so trivial that watching him struggle with the choice over a few episodes would probably get very dull very fast.

Overall, this was a solid episode with a few great moments. There was a lot of light with Martha’s return and Clark seeing full support from people. But thankfully, there was a lot of darkness. The last scene in particular was harrowing: Tess pulling out cyanide, taking inspiration from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War she tries to take out her enemy (Lex). But his skin is so hard it bends the needle. What a way to end an episode!

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