HUSTLE (BBC UK) “Episode 5” Review


HUSTLE Series 7 Episode 5 – The game of football has been ruined by the champagne, fast cars, WAGS…Christiano Ronaldo. This week the HUSTLE gang go up against the greedy men responsible. The mark is the football agent who put Ash’s beloved local football team out of business and the grifters are looking to make him pay.

This programme is fantasy, it’s not a documentary about how to scam. It’s flashy, farfetched, bordering on the ridiculous. But I love it! At several times you’re asked to suspend you disbelief, screw it up in a ball and throw it out the window. Do that and you, like me, will find this one of the most enjoyable things on TV.

The thing that makes Hustle so good is the strength of the cast. Each grifter is able to play the varying characters convincingly to fool the mark and the audience. Adrian Lester (Mickey) has confidence and a versatility that is always entertaining. I have thought that Ash was the weak link, last week his Dutch accent was wobbly to say the least but he stepped up with him and Emma nailng the American twang.

The Hustle was to con a ruthless, greedy salesman out of his dishonestly earned money. Simple right? All they had to do was lure him in with a bribe from Ash playing an American agent, convince him that Mickey was a million pound broker and watch the money roll in. Along the way they also had to host a fake party complete with footy look-a-likes, “two left feet” Sean had to pass off he was the new Pele and Ash lost the ability to lie after he banged his head….Yeah suspend your disbelief time and it’s genius, I cant wait for more next week.

On a side note I’m worried about their unit intake. I think they’ve all turned into alcoholics, they sup more bottles of beer then Charlie Sheen at breakfast!

How did you find this week’s Hustle Have a favourite grifter yet? Let me know in the comment box below!